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Hi there! I am offering my services of Animation. I specialize in Studio animations and Maya animations. I have been doing animation for a while now years on Roblox and have previously only created game trailers. I animate using blender and maya.


Examples of my work

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4


Prices are negotiable. My preferred payment method is Paypal but I take Robuxs too.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:
This is also my youtube channel

Add me on DIscord at


Thank you for reading.


Can you give an example of a price for, say, example 1?

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I couldn’t say. I honestly let my clients throw out a price and see if its reasonable.

Nice work! looking forward to it in the future :ok_hand:


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I saw all those animations before on a Developer Forum post.

I feel as if I have aswell.
Not 100% sure though, looked through his twitter and saw he posted them there aswell.

prob mine. We both have done a fire element animation to test out animations in game. And yes we know each other. :ok_hand:

Yes, I’ve seen the first one, which he made, he showed it off here I’m guessing the other two would be his.

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Oh the animations are 100% mine trust me. I have more animations

Send me just one more for proof. I will then think.


Robro is really well known in the animation community

Yeah some people might know me because of @KCreate also known as kadycreate

You should report him for stealing content and claiming it as his, if this is true.

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i already proved it to him. I don’t no where he got the idea that I took these from some one else.

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Great work, added you on Discord!

What plugin did you use for your animations?

Moon Animation Editor, part of Moon Animation Suite. Here’s the link.


I’m interested in hiring you, added you on discord.

I’m having a hard time to actually animate with Moon Animation Editor, we’re planning to add cutscenes for my game, add me in discord so I can talk to you!

Moon animation requires a plugin for camera shots apparently? got any idea how to work that?