Animations are not functioning properly (they are sluggish)


I’ve noticed that about in all my games, their animations have been bugged. They appear to be sluggish and less lively than they used to be. I checked the animation editor and it plays normally. However, in-game they are sluggish. I did further research into this problem and I came across this post by roblox:

This is what seems to be breaking the animations in my games. How do I disable or remove this? Or will I have to re-animate my currently existing animations?

Please, if anyone knows any way to get past this, help me!!!


I’m pretty sure you can opt out of this

I don’t think so since they are removing the property fully.

In the scripts where the animations are played, animations are played in the engine with :Play(). You can just use :Play(nil, 1, 1) to set the weight of your animation to 1, overriding certain priorities. If you have an idle animation, lower the weight when it is being played, and if you have an animation which is more important, increase the weight until it looks right.

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