Animations are not replicated

I have pets, they are created on server, and then network owner is set to the player. Then on client, it plays specific animations.

local Success, ErrMsg = pcall(function()	
			equippedPet.IdleAnimationTrack = equippedPet.PetInstance.AnimationController.Animator:LoadAnimation(equippedPet.PetInstance.Idle)
		if not Success then
			equippedPet.IdleAnimationTrack = nil
		else -- Play on load

It works for my client, but other players pets are not showing animations at all.

Also worth noting that even player animations are not replicating (the default Roblox animations) When players walk, they just slide across screen. (71)

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Play the animations on the server. If your playing them on the client only you should see them. Unless I’m missing something.

No, animations are supposed to replicate across clients. Doesn’t explain why player animations aren’t playing either, as they are just default roblox animations


This might be a solution to your problem:

No that’s not it. all the animations have the correct priority

Taken from roblox developer hub
So, in order for pet animations to work you would have to play them on the server OR parent the pets to your player. (which might cause issues on character death)

Read the part above it

I am using Animators that are children of AnimationControllers.

And again, the default player animations do not replicate. So either it’s a Roblox bug, but seems fine in other servers

Is there a chance it’s a player specific issue? May I try joining the game?
EDIT: Nevermind. I joined and same stuff is happening to me.

It’s been consistent across all players for 3 or so days :confused:

Why do you need to set network owner to client? Just pkay the animation, thatbmight be whats causing it

Setting network owner allows the pet to be moved by the client. This is what every game that has pets does

Is there any script that modifies joints/recreates them? Or is everything character and animation related fully stock? I’ve also noticed some players are not t-posing but stuck in some random animation, fall animation for example. Playing too many animations in the span of 10 seconds causes issues too I’ve heard.

Are you by any chance overstepping the 256 concurrent animation track allowance? You should see warnings in the output window if so.

I’ve never seen any warning for it. I’m not doing that many animations on a single Animator either. Each pet has an Animator and they only have 2 animations (Idle and Walk)

And again, it should not be causing the default Roblox character animations to not be working

I’ve stacked hundreds of animation tracks on a character before (for testing purposes) and it essentially freezes all of its animations (including default ones) which is why I asked.

Hmmm right. The only custom animation I have on the character is a sprint animation. My character has normal walk and jump animations though, but it’s only everyone else on my screen thats not playing animations, but it’s vice versa for all of them. Basically, only you can see your own characters animations/own pet animations. Everyone else is not seeing any animations whatsoever

Your pet is not the Player.Character, that’s why the animations aren’t replicating from client to server.

use the server to play the animations, even if you set the client the network owner the animation wont be shown

Actually :nerd: your code is wrong, You see the documentation has been wrong for a while, animations will not play if loaded from your client even if you have network ownership of said rig, you will need to play them from the server so everyone else sees them :nerd:, Animations only replicate when loaded into the character’s animator or humanoid but dont use the humanoid its deprecated :nerd:

Hope it helped, also yes the documentation being wrong was confirmed by a roblox admin who worked on the whole animation thing for roblox studio :nerd:

cc @mkn00b @CCTVStudios is thats the case for pets, then what about players? In the video, you can see players ‘sliding’ around (there walk animations do not play) nor do their jump animations