Animations Available in the Toolbox

This is one of those updates that some of us didn’t know we needed.

I hate when I accidentally lose my animation ID, and have to load Roblox and go through the authorization methods put in place (not complaining at all about those. It’s a small price to pay for more security).

Now all I have to do is open the toolbox and can access them there, all without needing to leave studio or switch out screens (since I only have 1 monitor at the moment :frowning: ).

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I’ve been waiting for this feature for so long. Finally. Thanks so much, it’s gonna be a lot easier to find my animations now.


For a second I thought this was a suggestion post, until I saw the red tag at the top. This feature is going to save me a tun of time, not only is this super helpful, but it everyone seems to enjoy it.

However I don’t see my personal animations on the default page, hopefully that can be added. And it would be nice if users could publish animations to the library for other’s to use.

Thank you! :blue_heart:


This looks very nice, now we do not have to use internet programs to find our animations again.

This is such an overdue feature and it’s amazing to see it implemented given how clunky the old develop page can be sometimes.

I was getting pretty close to bumping a feature request, why do engineers always seem to be one step ahead of me :thinking:

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Hey @Bobytoeburrito, @alexwarrior317, @PureGamerEnergy and @ItsPlasmaRBLX, thanks for your feedback! There are plans to add animations to the Marketplace as well, but first the team is working on animation retargeting to allow animations created for one body type be correctly applied to other body types with different proportions. For now, you can use Group Animations to share animations between your team.


Sounds intresting, I would love to see how that’s going to turn out.

Also I’m very glad to see that you’re taking time to read these posts and reach out with others! Super excited to see all of these features combined into one place filled with great animations created by other developers!

All of the added features mentioned in your topic and post will save us time, and I’m truely happy to see these!


It would be nice to have a way to preview an animation. But then again you could just use the animation editor

This is great. However something that would also be nice is being able to search in group packages. It’s very difficult to find what I need sometimes as it has no order, not even by upload date or edit date, it’s just kinda all over the place with no way to search.

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Finally, shouldn’t have taken this long tho

This is great! It saves so much time if you accidentally close the “Animation successfully uploaded” pop-up. Then you’ve to go to the website → Create → Animations → Find your animation → Then copy the ID.

With this update you could easily get the ID in seconds! Thanks for the update!

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Does this mean we can now sell animations too like models or plugins?

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good addition but when are we gonna be able to preview them in site/toolbox without adding them to the workspace?

It will have a preview mode to see the animations? Well, thanks for this update, I really like it.

Nice and Best Addition in toolbox

Slightly off-topic, but will we ever be able to use animations made by others?

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It existed back there but people were using a program called fiddler to manipulate in game animations using the open source animation links.

Edit:not saying they shouldn’t do it, because that’d be rad.

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There is no searchbar in Creations, do you understand how useless this is?


This feature is long overdue. What took so long for them to add this?


WOOOOO!!! Yeah, baby! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! That’s what it’s all about!