Animations not working on a group game

Just like the title says, I have a bunch of animations that aren’t playing on a group game. All the animations are published in the group yet they still don’t play for me. I’ve tried saving the animations for myself and everything works fine so it’s not a scripting error but other group members can’t see the animations.

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Animations not working in a group game

One possible reason for this issue could be that the animations need to be uploaded to your group for them to work on your group game.

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All the animations are already published in the group.

can i seeeeee ur scripttttttttttttttt

check the priorities. make sure some of them are Actions.

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Yes I’ve tried that, I even tried setting them all to Action4, didn’t work.

can you link 1 animation, its either you forgetting anim:Play() or theres a other issue.

It’s not a scripting error, all the animations played when I was the creator but they wouldn’t work for other group members. Here’s a video of it working:

When we uploaded it to the group, the animations wouldn’t play at all. I’ve already tried changing the priority, still didn’t work.

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If you’re saying the animations appear to play for you but not other group members, this is an issue with team create. You’re game should still work when published!

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We’ve already published the game, though it’s private. How would I be able to test this?

if you have dev access you can play it despite it being privated.

Thanks! Everything works fine in-game.

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