Animator has to be placed under humanoid or AnimationController

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Background Information About The Topic:

So, logically, Roblox/Roblox Studios disallows the Animator from ever being placed outside of a Humanoid or AnimationController, right?

Well, for some reason, in rare cases, a game cannot be opened because of a pop-up error that says “Animator has to be placed under humanoid or AnimationController”. Now, of course we can’t fix that error when trying to open the game because the pop-up prevents us from even opening up the game to fix that animator issue. Unlike XML Serializer issues or other issues that randomly cause a game to be un-openable, this one sounds fixable or at least something worth understanding?

The Issue:

Why/How does this happen:
Animator Cannot open

Here’s a demo game, when you open it, you get that error:Baseplate.rbxlx (3.6 MB)

Also, how can I cause this error to happen to a game intentionally and how can I avoid causing this error in the future…?

What I’ve Attempted:

Now, if we go into studios to try and replicate this error, all manual efforts are prevented by Roblox Studios by default… saying the exact same message, but this is with studios having the game opened.

So, why would a game ever give out the error above if Roblox Studios doesnt let the Animator ever get out of the Humanoid or AnimationController?

1). Attempting to move the Animator out via localscript:

local players = game:GetService("Players")
local player = players.LocalPlayer
local character = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
local humanoid = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")

local animator = humanoid:FindFirstChild("Animator")
-- trying to move the animator somewhere else:
animator.Parent = character.Head

Sadly, causes this error hmm…
script error

2). Attempting to move the Animator out…manually:

Possible corruption? Thats all I can think of honestly, since I doubt plugins can do that (since theyre basically higher level scripts)

Well, I guess that’s a start to what this is, a corruption of some sort…like the ill-formed XML . Yeah, I just figure it’d be a good idea to take this topic to Dev Forum anyway since no one else ever talked about it and that error did say to take it here. Maybe someone else out there has a deeper understanding as to why this happens.

I may also just send the details and anything else to the Bug Reporter, I just was hoping someone out there has answers, especially if others ever encounter that error and look in this forum, at least we have a topic place to try addressing this unique one. This topic is more for just asking why/how and curiosity.

Well, I know how to fix the error now and open up places.

This only works for .Rbxlx files cause they’re not binary, they’re in .XML format. Basically, I open up the game in .XML and I remove the Animator references for XML and then I was able to open up the game without any issues.

  1. Get the game in .rbxlx format (.rbxl is just gonna be binary gibberish).
  2. Open the game with notepad or text editor
  3. Find and Search for any references that match this: Item class="Animator
  4. This part is tricky, make sure you remove the entire 4 segments, the opening the whatever’s inside the properties and , all openings to closings must be removed otherwise opening the game with this partially removed will result in failure.
<Item class="Animator" referent="RBX618">
  1. Now, save that xml edit and launch the game with the standard Roblox Player Client and you’ll be able to get into the game!

At least this is something useful, idk how no one else could help me or knows about this. :frowning: Hopefully someone at least tells us how game can even get the Animator outside of the AnimationController/Humanoid in the first place…

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