Animator not replicating

Reproduction Steps

  1. Player purchases pet which prompts call to server
  2. Server confirms, sets Networkownership to player and inserts Animator under pet’s humanoid
  3. Player now has control over pet; controls animation and movement.
    System: Windows 10 / Intel Core i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz

Reproduction file: Animator_Repro.rbxl (40.9 KB)

Expected Behavior
I would expect animation to replicate for all clients when having Animator as a child.

Actual Behavior

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2021-05-28 00:05:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-05-31 00:05:00 (-07:00)


Have you tried parenting the pet to the character? See if that works. Otherwise you are just going to have to fire all clients. As far as I know, animations only replicate from client to server if it’s the players character.

Setting NetworkOwnership to player should be doing the trick.

There were other cases of Animator not working despite animations being played through server:

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So both the part named “Pet” and the HumanoidRootPart have had ownership set to the players network? If so, I’m honestly clueless as I’ve not worked with pets before. I can try and work this out in studio, or you could wait for someone more experienced than I.

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I assume the reason behind it is because the animation did replicate, it just didn’t loop.

For some reason doing AnimationTrack.Looped = true will loop the track on your end, but not on other’s.

This case becomes different if the animation was set to be looped in the Animation Editor, making the track loop no matter what you set it to, but atleast it loops for all clients.

I’ve had this problem before where my idle animation was being normal for me but on other people’s end it wasn’t showing up. When they started playing their idle animations I could see their animation for 2 seconds and then it would stop.

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I can definitely confirm that I am having the same issue and other people as @Yozoh mentioned. As outlined in my post, this started happening when it was announced that using :LoadAnimation directly on AnimationControllers and Humanoids is being deprecated, which is well over half a year ago. This currently has a huge impact, especially since I rely on this for animating train doors, which means that players other than the driver of the train will not see the doors animating. This is extremely frustrating as it is of a critical importance in this type of games.

The problem seems to be with Network Ownership somewhat since when setting the network ownership of the train to the server, the doors animate for everyone, but when it is set to the driver, the door animations do not replicate even when played on the server.


Hey! Thanks for reporting this to us, I’ve filed a ticket internally so we can take a look and find the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I can assure you network ownership is not a quick fix. The post was with the vehicles being set with it already, and still not working


This is an issue I’ve had for a while. The only bypass atm is to have different versions of the animation.


I just encountered this issue as well by attempting to weld the model to the character.
A current work around for me is to use the align orientation and align position constraints.

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Hi, I am still getting this bug.
I would like to handle my pet’s animations locally as I am handling the physics locally and it would be awkward to have physics and animations be separate. However, when I an animating my pet (even after creating animator on the server and setting the network owner to the player) the animations don’t replicate to the server.

Currently I am having to play animations locally and then also fire remote events to play them on the server. This is really annoying

Please fix this ASAP!!!


Has this been fixed yet? Because the issue still exists for me

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A little bump because our team is currently experiencing this problem. It’s a major setback for us because we only realized it was a bug late in the development process of the update.

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Based on responses earlier in thread, seems like this might be a dupe of this report?

Is anyone seeing this issue for non-looped animations?

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It doesn’t have to do anything with replicating properties. As I mentioned in my comment on this post, it’s only an issue when playing animations on a model whose network owner is a player. Only when the network owner is the server or the model is anchored from the server, the animation works fine. (AKA replicates for all players)

That’s yet another issue from what is said in the first post here seemingly. The first post seems to say that, when the ownership is set to the client and the client plays the animation, it does not replicate. What you are saying is that when the ownership is set to the client and the server plays the animation it won’t replicate, which is intended functionality since the client has ownership, not the server.

I recommend filing/bumping a separate topic for that if you think that should not be the intended case.

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Hi everyone! Real sorry for the late reply.
The ticket is unfortunately still being looked at so we don’t have a solution for you all yet. I’ll bump the ticket internally. Thanks for the patience!


Bumping this again rather then reposting.

At this point, should we just consider this to be the expected result of playing animations from a client with ownership?

I have this issue arising, and I’d prefer to keep my logic on the client without needing to relay events to the server and back.