Potential bug with animator replications for network ownership (?)

Yes, there are about fifteen posts about this topic- no, none of them correctly address the problem in which I am posting about.

I am currently cloning a character model from the server, and putting it within workspace. From there I set the NetworkOwnership of that character to the nearest player so that way it can control animations as well as play them without boggling.

The logic for what animations play, and when, is given to the respective client that actively owns and controls the specified character.

Both the Animator as well as the Humanoid exist and are the same instance on all clients and on the server.

When playing an animation on the character- from the client that owns the character model- the animation does not replicate.

I am unsure if this is a bug, or some issue with the current setup I have.

All of the parts ownership belongs to the client in which is playing the animation

The animator object itself is created on the server, see screenshot below for confirmation it’s the same instance.

Both of the entities have the same debugging identifier on server and client.

Animation does not replicate properly


It would appear that models in which have a humanoid cannot replicate animations properly, even with network ownership set.

Unsure why this is, an it seems extremely contradictory. If I am moving instances on my client- as you do with animations- I would expect those to replicate due to the ownership.