Anime style terrain design

I want to know how to make such animated terrain if possible, I don’t want it to be a blocky like terrain. I was thinking of making it a bumpy anime style terrain.

I want it smooth but also no edge type
reference 2:

as u can see in the pictures they are flat and also has some bumps in the terrain and for the anime style I was referring to the textures of the terrain like them the dessert or smooth grass terrain
reference 3:

I want to know if I can do this type of terrain where I don’t use blocks as my ground, and have the same type of anime texturized grass if possible. btw thx for replying

(I also have a topic similar to this one that has a reference picture that could help)
(link:Anime style terrain)



There is currently no property for having multiple different colour tones for grass. You can only decide on one colour.

Maybe you can colour the grass differently by putting a faint light under the grass terrain? I have no idea if that can work but it’s worth trying. Otherwise, you can emulate different grass colour schemes by adding the “leafy-grass” terrain.

For inspiration to create quality terrain, visit games that feature it. @gluGPU’s Bloxxer's Valley revision 5 - Roblox game is what I say is a good example of superb terrain usage.

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