Anime/Flat Shading

hi hi first time posting on the forum lol

I want anime/flat shading in my game, the textures weirdly also look “washed out” yk what i mean lol

in blender

in roblox studio (on the left one ive tried this method already, but that only looks passable in direct light)

Ive already searched A LOT on here for an answer but couldnt find one lol

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Are you exporting the normal map?

If yes then the solution is a lot more complicated, you’ll have to code a shader like this one:

but in Roblox. I’m 97% sure you can do it with editable images and meshes, mess around with the pixels of the normal map, but I have no idea of how exactly, I can only point you to the right path, I never coded shaders in Godot I just used ready ones or followed tutorials to create my ones, I’m sorry.

You can try following a Godot tutorial and translating GDscript to Lua(u) (or other engines with other languages, doesn’t matter as long as the Luau version works), and again I’m sorry for not being able to help you more than that.

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