Announcing Collision Groups Editor


Super! I was actually thinking about asking for something like this the other day. This will actually give me a reason to use collision groups.


It shipped with Dark Theme support.


This doesn’t seem to scale very well. I only have 7 custom collision groups and the widget takes up the whole viewport on my 1080p monitor:

It would be nice if the layout mirrored the Tag Editor plugin:

In short:

  • List layout by default which allows me to easily set collision group (as that’s what I’ll mainly be doing with the plugin)
    • Also allows it to nicely dock in same group as existing widgets
  • Collision grid not always visible (for the most part I only change this when I create a collision group, so I rarely use this relative to setting the collision group of a part)
    • Can be opened by clicking a “Edit collision groups” button at the bottom of the widget or something. Opens a second widget since it probably won’t fit in the list’s widget without being extremely inconvenient to use
    • Maybe make a little more compact. There’s an abundance of whitespace and while it’s good to have the checkbox elements large, they might be a big too large
    • Add border/grid lines to collision grid so I don’t lose my place

Also, I agree with some of the UX concerns brought up previously.

  • Clicking a collision group should set selected parts’ collision groups to that collision group (this is my #1 use case for the plugin, so it should be front and center)
  • Selecting all parts in a collision group should be a sub-option somewhere (I rarely, if ever, would use this)

Finally, WRT to selecting parts in a collision group:

  • If I click “Default” by accident or unknowingly, I freeze Studio because it selects tens of thousands of parts at once
  • It can be difficult to find anything of value because components are hidden behind terrain/other objects
  • It can be difficult to find anything of value if thousands of parts are selected at once
  • Ideally I’d just be able to use the existing explorer filter to find these parts, but the next best option is for “select all parts” to be converted to a part explorer. Will need to page results with infinite scrolling so loading a list for groups like Default don’t freeze Studio
    • This addresses previous problems because I can select individual parts and press F to zoom to them, and single out important parts from the list instead of looking in the viewport


Still no scroll window :c



Hello there! Sorry to drag up this thread again but, is there a way to clone a game’s collision groups into another game quickly?

I have a number of groups set up and I’d hate to have to create each one tediously again.