Announcing Collision Groups Editor


Hey developers,

We just released a Collision Editor for Studio, which allows you to put game items into groups and choose which groups will collide. This makes it possible to avoid collisions, or even let players walk through walls!

  • To reach Collision Editor, go to Model > Advanced > Collision Editor
  • Here you can add, edit, and delete groups. Use the checkmarks to turn collisions on and off.
  • All game parts have automatically been placed into “Default.”
  • To add a new group, select “+Add Group” and type your new group name.
  • To add parts to a group, select the parts in game and click the “plus” symbol next to the group.
  • To see which parts are in a group, click on the group name, and all group members will be highlighted in the Game View.
  • To see which group a part belongs to, click on the part, and the group name will be highlighted in Collision Editor.

All of this functionality can also be achieved manually in the property view CollisionGroupId field or through code using APIs.

My Collision Groups Editor
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August Recap: Last Month in the Developer Community

Wow this is gonna be great, ill try it out on some obbies and see if i can make any cool obsticales with this :yum:


Awesome! Definitely going to use this for maps.


Oh cool, now I don’t have to spend 10+ minutes manually scripting collision groups in.


A lot more handy than using the command bar for this! Thank you!


Thank, Rob locks :heart:


Collision groups are a master piece to what we all once knew as “set that one’s CanCollide false for a small bit of time” or “use something hacky” and now we have the perfect tool to exploit the wonders of collision groups.



I am glad I haven’t done collision groups yet. This will save a lot of time I would have previously spent scripting this stuff.


Thanks! Collision groups are very useful, but I’ve always found it tedious to manually script what-goes-where. This feature is a massive improvement, and I’ll be sure to use it in the future.


It’s 6 A.M. and my day has officially been made. Infinite thanks to the team that assembled this! You guys are awesome.


Yay!! Thank you!


Personally I don’t use this at the moment but it looks awesome, thank you for providing more tools for us to use.


Very nice editor,
but i need to ask

Dark theme for this when?


The theme API is still pending release, so all plugins are waiting on that.




now just waiting for an official tag editor


RIP clonetrooper’s collision group editor


It seems that I cannot type the letter V into the “Add Group” for some reason. Some other suggestions:

  • The window needs scrollbars. Explorer, Properties, literally every other window in Studio does this, so it should too. The grid now scrolls (and headers stay in the same place, nice!)
  • Get rid of the instruction text - replace with a (?) button or similar. Save the vertical space. No more instruction text!
  • The (+) button and clicking the name of the collision group should have their functionality flipped, i.e., I want to be able to select the parts then click on the name of collision group to assign. If I want to select all parts in a group, that should be a special button.
  • The checkboxes in the grid should have mouseover text “X collides with Y”/“X does not collide with Y” to be clear exactly what’s going on.

Update: the first two of these suggestions are now implemented :slight_smile:



Already has one?


I get that “cant type v” thing in plugins very rarely. Try restarting studio. Still an annoying bug, though.