Announcing the Bug Report Wizard Beta

Alrhough I cannot use this feature due to my Developer Forum rank – which, by the way, is quite disappointing since Member rank forumers haven’t been able to file bug reports for months on the Developer Forum, I am curious to know if there will be rewards for reporting bugs via the Bug Report Wizard (such as the virtual Red Banded Top Hat item or monetary rewards) or are we advised to report our bugs to or in order to possibly earn such rewards in return for our reports?

By the way, the team should do something about the Boss White Hat item and the other boss hats in the series since AFAIK, you can only earn those hats for reporting Roblox vulnerabilities to Roblox customer support and since Roblox customer support directs vulnerability reporters to report their vulnerability to the Roblox HackerOne Bug Bounty Program which only offers monetary rewards for your contributions, it’s kind of impossible to earn the boss hats now.

EDIT (made after reply 57):

In case if this wasn’t obvious to some already, I want to add on mentioning that I am aware that the RBTH and BWHs is SUPPOSED to be possibly rewarded to you by reporting bugs and vulnerabilities to and that monetary rewards may possibly be rewarded to you by reporting vulnerabilities to – which, is why in the first paragraph, I asked if we were advised to only report to these two places in order to earn such rewards or if we could also earn rewards by reporting bugs via the wizard In fact, I myself am a user that has earned the RBTH by reporting not a bug but actually an illegal incident that concerned Roblox (which is another way to alternatively earn the hat) to and I’ve also earned 150 USD from a Roblox HackerOne vulnerability report in the past. A person who wasn’t aware of how to earn such rewards wouldn’t ask or suggest to report to and/or

That being said, the reason why that I am asking what I’ve asked is because if I’m ever promoted on the Roblox Developer Forum in the future, then, I’m considering to report major bugs – ONLY, if it is rewarded unlike how reports filed on the Roblox Developer Forum were not rewarded prior to this wizard coming out.

I am a user that genuinely wants to lend a hand out and contribute to this community like the 10+ times that I have in the past 5 years, but, I am also a user who believes that a helper or a giver should not be left empty handed after giving but should rather be rewarded and left with full hands. I think most of you would agree if I explain what I mean using an example. For instance, if you’ve just moved in to a new neighbourhood and a neighbour that you’ve never met before comes up to your door meeting you, gifting you with food, do you just thank them and hand them their plate back after eating what they’ve sent, never speaking to them ever again or do you instead consider putting something on that plate after you’ve eaten what they’ve sent and hand it back to them initiating a new friendship? The preference or choice made here varies from person to person, but, I would send something in return since this is how I was raised – knowing that help is not like a donation but rather half of a trade and that the other half of the trade must be completed. I’ll sign off of this paragraph with a Turkish saying that I love, which is: “Veren el alan elden üstündür.”, which translates to: “A giving hand is greater than a receiving hand.”.

ALSO, if there was an official statement or disclosure somewhere stating or disclosing that reporting bugs via the bug wizard is only voluntary and does not guarantee you earning anything in return, then, I would have never asked if there would be rewarding in the first place, but, since it is unknown, it is best to ask and chase after what could be yours.


This is a step in the right direction. Sad to see that “members” can’t use this. It seems to me that this form should prevent bad/uninformed posts.
I don’t see a reason why this shouldn’t become available to everyone on the forum.
It is currently impossible (or really difficult) for members to post a bug report. Being a member myself I find this discriminating.
Does being a member mean one can’t post a good topic? Not in my opinion…


I agree.

I currently participate in the Bug Bounty Program, and already have competence with security related vulnerability reporting, so for this to be accessible to something even members cannot reach (aka Regular) seems to suggest anyone who isn’t a Regular isn’t competent enough to use it, which offends me, seeing as I have existing knowledge of reporting bugs.

I really suggest that this is at least made as an application level opt in.

I am personally disappointed to see yet another important feature be locked behind a rank which currently is inaccessible anyway.


It’s only the beta. I’d rather the team spend their time working on the product and reading the bug reports than spend the time reading applications.

There are enough regulars for them to successfully beta test it so there isn’t a need to add extra workload for the sake of it.

Once they’re happy, it’ll be opened to all.


Okay, so why not ask some to apply for access?

If it’s about bug reports being valid, I’m highly certain white hats like myself are more than eligible to do so, seeing as we already have experience with things such as HackerOne.

I’m fortunate to have access to a few direct channels, of which have the capabilities of filing internal reports, if you get what I mean.

However, others aren’t always able to do such.


Considering the fact that topic creation will be possible on such categories only with this Wizard later on, I think that you should implement a plugin that automatically enables it once a bug category has been chosen. It is really bad UX to force the users to visit the category pages, especially since TL1 users will be able to use that feature once it is fully ready. Some newer users may not know how to do that.

I don’t know if you forgot doing it or you just plan to do it later on, but you also need to update the “How to Report Bugs” topic.

Finally, I’d like to ask if this is the PA replacement. What will happen with Feature Requests?

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It looks like you are not aware of the Discourse limitations - access to categories can only be given through trust levels or groups (in this forum, you can get access only to the international categories through groups afaik).

An application system wouldn’t be scalable, with dozens of TL1 users applying every day. This would be too much work for DevRel, and it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that the applications would all be finally reviewed after this feature is available to the public.

As you can understand, promoting all those users to Regular is impossible, since TL2 users earn more privileges along with Bug Reports posting. The only solution would be to create a group for that, but I heavily doubt this will happen.

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I answered this in my reply. It takes time to read and approve applications and it’s not necessary. The purpose of the beta is to test the system. They are capable of doing that without having to spend time adding more people to the beta.

The restriction is nothing to do with capability or skill. If it were, it would be open to everyone, as the entire point of the tool is to make it so that everyone can post reports without needing to be an expert or a white hat or have much experience at all.

This is a beta, not a release.


If, on the one hand, it is said that this model will speed up the correction of newly reported bugs, on the other hand, the current bugs reported by the forum will be of lower priority, right?

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A very nice feature, glad this was made.

However, it’s still very disappointing that bug reports are locked to regulars only, especially considering bug reports are the only way to get regular.

I’ve had countless, reproducible issues with both the website and studio that have gone unreported so far, and allowing members to post reports through an approval was a good way to get it out there.


Quite disappointing that just Regular & + can report!
Members will never rank up because there is no way without bug reports even though I reported some and also had been here since 2017. I understand that it must be filtered but there are members with some real and maybe important bugs and replying to the feature topic will not always work.


Great news!

Nice to have a better system.


How are you so certain of that? They didn’t state it in the OP.
I do hope that allowing everyone to post bug reports is one of the main reasons for this change.

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Excuse me, is this a preparation for the upcoming replacement for PA (Post-Approval)?
Because this still being kinda useless if regulars can only use it…

How do i report a bug if im not a regular?!


Ye I’ve reported quite a few uncommon bugs before and not being a regular really makes the process difficult and annoying to the point were I’d rather just not go through the hassel.

I’d hoped this would be avalible to non regulars but that’s clearly not happening and I have no idea what it takes to become a regular anymore as it seems like the automated process doesn’t exist anymore.


What a funny example you made there lol…

Once i become a regular, I’ll be glad to check this out! Looks like a pretty good way to report bugs

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This is interesting feedback, thanks. Right now the category the topic is created in is determined by the responses to the questions in the wizard.


Will this new system be open to members with the ‘Member’ forum rank after its beta testing phase?


This is an amazing resource. Do members still will need to mesage DevEngagementTeam? How will that be handled?
Answered above:


Your screenshot didnt load


Hopefully this actually makes roblox notice their bugs more faster, roblox is extremely slow with bugs