Announcing the new Developer Hub

Is making the website https on the pipelines? :frowning:

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Are you planning to make the URL Roblox acceptable? (the filter)


I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet (I haven’t had time to scroll through the 70 or so posts I missed, also I suspect someone has mentioned this) but the new API is missing a ton of information. I know people have posted about this, but I found a specific issue with GetProductInfo. It lists that the function returns a Dictionary InfoType, but nowhere on either the main GetProductInfo page or the InfoType page does it list the information that the dictionary actually returns… Or at least I can’t find it easily. The only information it gives is in the example code block it says Asset.Description. Now I can’t figure out anything about this. I think this needs to be fixed asap.

I do like the look of the new site, but I agree with other posts I’ve seen here, it seems rushed, but I understand that and I have hope that it will be better in the future, good job so far!

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I don’t think anyone brought up this issue specifically, but yes, probably one of the posts you missed was the one where they said they’re bringing back the wiki API reference temporarily.

Here’s your page: Oops!

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These pages:

Are no longer available on the new wiki. They have important documentation on GetEnumItems and EnumType, as well as providing properties for EnumItems.


It’s been almost a month now and I’m still having issues finding content on the new developer hub. For example, the example code for TweenService is missing on the developer hub.
(Edit: Upon further investigation, I’ve found that the code sample has moved to a page separate from the API reference to TweenService. Why is information on this not in one place? You shouldn’t have to open multiple tabs to get information on the same exact thing imo)

I understand that the extensive amount of pages here aren’t going to be fixed in a month’s time, but it has caused numerous issues when I am trying to reference something, or when I’m trying to help someone else and I find content that just isn’t there on the seemingly official page that you are redirected to when you go to the wiki. This has made me abandon the developer hub altogether and rely on Google search to find the article on the actual wiki.

It seems the reason for this implementation was to put resources for both beginner and experienced users in one spot, which I think is good, but in it’s current state it is not providing useful information to developers, and having it be the seemingly official and primary means of a development resource that you get redirected to seems odd to me when it cannot, in it’s current state, function entirely.

I appreciate the effort that was put into this, but at the moment the numerous design issues and missing information that was brought up by many on this thread are an extremely good demonstration that the site is not up to par in it’s current state and I think it should be put into some sort of “beta” program. The community could check around for missing content, offer suggestions, etc regarding the site to improve it while keeping the original wiki active.

This would allow the developer hub to grow and improve but not require developers to actively avoid the site to be able to find information.


Maybe they added it recently, but they have this now:

It was a bit hard to find though.

I can’t use the up/down arrow keys to navigate through the search dropdown:

  1. the and URLs will both be competing for the top slot in my browser’s autocomplete, so i’ll be forced to type out most of the URL if i want to get to the desired site. if i have to type out ‘roblox’ or ‘robloxd’ to get to either site its going to become very frustrating very quickly… while in reality this is a very insignificant problem it bothers me because i’m neurotic.
  2. quick search through the URL hasnt been implemented (for chrome at least), after getting the URL to autocomplete, i cant press tab to go straight to the search ( previously could type w to get to autocomplete hem hem then press tab to be brought straight to the in-url search thingy )

would it be possible to get an unofficial dump of the old user articles? there was a lot of good information that i’ve now lost access to that hasn’t been snapshotted by the wayback machine


if i have to type out ‘roblox’ or ‘robloxd’ to get to either site its going to become very frustrating very quickly…


IM A POWERUSER. do uou think i have time to move my mouse??? who do u think i am? havent touched my mouse in 20 years.
“oh mhmh gotta check the wiki… WINDOWSKEY > CHROME > TYPE 'W” > TAB> SEARCH “PART”
.2 SECONDS :triumph: :triumph: :running_man::dash:



But really, it is a pain having to type out each url, having bookmarks tend to annoy me, anything off seems to get on my nerves eventually. Definitely a small issue, but it’d still be great.

Edit: Something like,, or would not only make more sense, but it’d appear way more professional.


but in all seriousness, this upsets me more so as a ux oversight than as an actual problem…whatever people were in charge of deciding the URL didn’t have the foresight to recognize a potential autocomplete conflict which has led to a bit of a problem, albeit a small and easily fixable problem, it is a problem nontheless and it has created an INSURMOUNTABLE AMOUNT OF GRIEF for us folk SLIGHTLY KIND OF ON SPECTRUM. it also just follows a lot of inconsistency to the conventions of other roblox sub-domains (even rbxdev was migrated to devforums.roblox) and in general makes me and my fellow compatriots’ idiot-baby-motorcycle brains short circuit, and turn into the picture of the yellow lab that says “ANGERY” under it in big red letters, which i would post a picture of if it was allowed on here.


Which article are you looking for?

I may have the old wiki as a backup. I can’t remember if I deleted it or not.

none of them in particular, but i know i’d like to reference them in the future, the egomoose and quaternions (the person) articles are the ones i remember most vividly

I’ve got a couple bookmarked.
Wayback Machine really doesn’t want to save these pages, so you might want to save the information on these locally just in case.

You can use the User List page on the old wiki to find some of these pages.
For instance if I wanted to find EgoMoose’s articles, I would search for his username (case-sensitive) and click on “Contribs”.
This would take me here.
Tick this box to look for page creations only.
Then look through the results and pray that you find something.

EgoMoose’s articles


I cannot find an article on the new wiki that provides an overview of PluginSecurity/LocalUserSecurity/etc. The article on the old wiki just redirects to that awful “content no longer available” warning which should just let the user access the old article if there’s no counterpart on the new wiki.

Link to old article:

Also, I notice there’s nothing on the new API reference that tells me what context specific API members require. There’s no way for me to know RunService:Run() can only be used from the command bar or plugins.