Announcing the new Developer Hub



Might also be something to fix. OP suggests to post it here but I’ll move it to it’s own thread if needed.


The developer hub should live on Right now it seems like a phishing site. Every other notable company has their developer hub on their own domain at the universal Whatever reason there was for splitting off the domain is extremely weak, as this is far from uncharted territory and no one else has needed to use a phishing-like domain for their developer hub.


The wiki looks fantastic, but the content is lacking and harder to read.

Not only do functions not have “types”, but the wiki doesn’t show when there’s multiple return types, and it doesn’t show the arguments for functions at all.

This is exponentially harder to read than PromptProductPurchase(Player player, int64 productId, bool equipIfPurchased, Enum.CurrencyType currencyType)

All the types blend in, there’s no icons, and this is probably completely unreadable if you’re dyslexic.

Minor nitpick (there’s a lot of these), MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase1 doesn’t mean anything and the code example uses the deprecated Game and connect. It also doesn’t use GetService like the wiki begs you to (and says you can ONLY) for Players, but does for MarketplaceService?.

While technically true, this is an awful way to represent iterators (the return types) and just confuses the reader.

Collapsing inherited properties, methods, and events like this is ugly. Instead, how about making a table that’s automatically collapsed that I can click on to uncollapse?

There’s still a lot of missing, incomplete, and wrong documentation but it would take me a long time to document them all and I want to focus specifically on the actual new theme.

The site isn’t HTTPS in 2018, and it has a domain that’s not even on




If the blue bars on the side of the screen bother you, here’s a fix for that:

Also, why isn’t the domain HTTPS?


First of all, I’m glad this is happening!

Secondly, here’s some issues I have with the API documentation:

  • Many function/method names are long, and thus get wrapped, which looks really bad
  • There’s too much useless information (e.g. deprecated items; inherited items, etc.)
  • While class categories are nice, we lose the icons we used to have, which is how many people recognize the classes
  • On special “types” (e.g. CFrame), I can’t click on it to see a reference for that certain type
  • The page is too scrunched; needs to be wider
  • The CONTENT frame on the right-hand side hangs oddly low on the screen

The GOOD thing is that I can actually view this all on mobile and it looks pretty good.




The old format of the wiki was very accessible.

I can see everything I’m looking for.

Now I can’t. Navigation panels that I don’t plan on using take up half of the page and information is missing.


Maybe add different proficiency levels to the forums? So more advanced devs will have very specific info like that of in the old wiki while also allowing newer developers to learn.


I really love the new UI layout as it shows a professional, modern and slick look to the developer community and the resources used by them.

Could you allow developers to operate a number of customisation options to further enhance the learning experience and to aid those with specific preferences? For example, website themes such as a dark theme.


Will be working on getting this fixed.

We originally had a hacked system on the wiki that would hide members on class pages by our own discretion, we currently don’t have this functionality on the new site. The idea we have in mind is to keep inherited/deprecated members in a collapsed list, while the main functionality is presented clearly.

100% AGREED. If anyone else wants class icons back, please make your voice heard!

Will be working on this soon. In the mean time, you can access those types from this page:

The presentation of the data on these pages is in a placeholder state. We just wanted to make sure we had the information out there. We will improve it as we continue to iterate on the site.

I wasn’t there when the design decision was made, but I think we did this because we wanted to have more consistency between viewing the site in portrait mode and desktop mode. If there is more interest in having this changed, I think we will try to make it happen.


(Sorry, violent bus and fat fingers, clicked reply on your post instead of the thread)

I’m on mobile and the website forces me to see a mobile layout, so I can’t effectively review the desktop site. Will do so later.

First thoughts and impressions upon viewing the documentation page for Camera on mobile:

  • It feels much cleaner
  • I have to scroll so much to get anywhere
  • There is so much wasted space, and all descriptive text in those pretty boxes is getting crunched into a thin strip.
  • Where are the method parameters? It is horrifically slow to click on the method name to see them.
  • Please put the class icons back. :frowning:

I don’t think this left-right header-text layout is effective. I much preferred having headers above tables of method and parameter specs. The old design did much more with much less.


Code samples is too noisy. Vehicle Haptic Feedback? Useful. 20 VRService code snippets demoing basic usage of events in Lua? Not needed. They’re helpful on the pages for those events, but not in a global list of code snippets. That list should only contain unique snippets like the vehicle haptic feedback.

Recipes is also too noisy, even when filtered to gameplay/marketing/etc. Everything in that list is super different, but normally I’m only going to be looking for a few things at any given time – showing me everything just gives me extra stuff to sift through. Recipes should also be listed on appropriate API reference pages. For instance, if I want to know how to rotate a part to another, I should be able to find that by searching up the “Part” API reference page.


  • No class icons
  • There is no link to a list of services on the API reference landing (maybe put in the Types section on the sidebar?)
  • Horizontal layout of the A/B/C listings for Class/Enum/DataType indices is extremely chaotic. Some names bleed to the next line, there’s no clear line of path for my eyes to search (everything is just mushed together), and there’s no sort of predictability.


What is this exactly? Is it a replacement for the wiki?




This needs a ton more work. I went to the page for Part and all that’s listen here is the Shape property and deprecated stuff. No fuctions, no events, nothing else.

Obviously this is because these things are inherited from BasePart, but then why does it not show that ANYWHERE on the page for Part? Not even a link to the page for BasePart anywhere on the page?


Thanks for reporting the issue. We know what the problem is and we’ll have it fixed soon, we just need to make sure the site lists the members of all ancestor classes instead of just parent classes.


I really love where you’re taking the wiki to, but a change with this impact to what to me and many others is the first and foremost source of information while developing should not be rushed.


We definitely need class icons back. They make navigation much easier and help me find what I need.

Also, I feel like the layout in general is very clunky and there is a lot of empty space. Some of the fonts are too big and the charts have a large padding which makes it harder to find what you’re looking for, as you have to scroll for ages. The page being extremely narrow doesn’t help, either.

Deprecated items still show, for some reason, which I think is redundant. They should be hidden in the collapsible list as they were on the wiki.

Some of the pages look fantastic, such as the homepage. However, as I explained above, the API Reference pages, (aka the most important ones), are a bit messy. Hopefully this can get resolved soon enough. Otherwise, nice job! :smiley:

Also, any way we can have some more customization options like changing the font sizes for certain areas and the theme (dark mode)?




My thoughts exactly.

(Also, the API pages need a dark theme.)