Announcing the new Developer Hub


Lovely to see the wiki get a revamp, however I am not really a fan of it due to the increased inability to actually read the information you came to the wiki to look for.

The layout of the information feels too complicated and the increased amount of scrolling feels like there’s lots of things to look at so might deter developers as they feel what they are trying to learn is too long and complicated.


It looks amazing! :open_mouth:


Please, let us test and give feedback on changes like this instead of forcing it upon us immediately. There are obvious problems with this site right now. You could have left the old wiki up and made a post to get developer feedback with the new link before disabling the old wiki.

In the past couple years, this seems to be a pattern. Roblox does not get developer feedback or have us test changes in advance. Shocking and unexpected changes are just announced and released the same day, with only promises to fix the problems, often causing major developer discontent.

I think Roblox can do better in this area. I’d like to see posts asking for developer feedback before a feature goes live, rather than just seeing an announcement after the fact and often left with no recourse.

For updates on problems out of Roblox’s control or areas where we really can’t offer any feedback, such as turning off a feature for security or the recent music copyright change, just the announcement is fine. But for most everything else, it seems like both sides (both developers and Roblox) can get value from a discussion about a change or feature beforehand to make Roblox the best it can be for everyone.


Anyone want a Dark theme? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your feedback is valuable, and we really do appreciate it. We hear you loud and clear.

I cannot speak to the decision of launching the site without community feedback, but I want to make it clear that I really do care about what you guys think about our site, and it means a lot to know that you guys care enough to point out these problems.

This is a very big transition for us, and no big change ever comes easily or perfect, but we are going to carry onward and make it right for everyone in the community.


I don’t think anyone is arguing that the people who worked on this care about what they’re doing and you shouldn’t take any of the criticism personal. I’m sure you guys fix it up over time so that it’s much better than what we used to have. It’s just frustrating that we have to deal with these bridge periods of degraded features because of an amalgamation of priorities and planning that didn’t work out, not because of any particular person/team’s doing. (The frustration is aimed at the process, not at the people.)


That’s fair, I can respect that. I’m sorry that you guys are disappointed about the presentation of the documentation. What’s important is that we have our developer community giving us this feedback so that we can address it as quickly as possible.

I’m trying to be careful about setting any expectations because the decisions we make are done as a team, and I can’t always speak for what everyone here thinks, but just know that we are definitely taking everything into consideration, and we will continue to evaluate the feedback we’re getting.

I’ll be sure to follow up if we decide to, say… turn off the redirects from the wiki for instance. I cannot promise that it will happen, and I don’t want to set any expectation that we will, but we hear you guys loud and clear. Thanks again for all the feedback.


See. I have it setup right now so in my search bar I can do “rowiki StarterGui” and it will pull up startergui on the Roblox wiki. Now I need to figure out this system and set it up to that now. Looks good though



I visited this page looking for the object that this function returns. That information is gone. The page doesn’t contain what I’m looking for anymore. I had to use google’s cached version of the page on the old wiki to find out that this function returns an AnimationTrack.


i love this feature a lot
i think the LHS panel just needs to be a few pixels thinner and a few things which take up excess space can be optimized.

Here you can see a table which only holds one property.
There is a large amount of white-space within “Name” and “Type” which could easily be reduced. It takes up a large potion of the page and only a small amount of space is given to the actual content. (“Description”)

Very good update. I have been waiting for more new/intermediate developer resources for a while.


Although I understand the overhaul, I think that the redesign should’ve been more mindful as to how it was before, and how effective it was in helping our current generation of developers.

Something that I immediately noticed is that this page is not clear as to how to use this function, specifically for new users, and I recall that before the layout change, this page explained more information that was more clear for developers to understand.

For instance, I think this was provided before on the old layout.

GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(userid int64)

It looked like this before.

And to specify what information was useful, I am referring to how it is called a yield function, and that as per the nature of a function, the userid goes in between the parenthesis, which helps to describe how to actually use the function, as opposed to just having an alleged function called GetCharacterAppearanceAsync be a member of the Players API reference.

There is a lot of empty white space that displays no pertinent information to the user, and it just seems incomplete. Yes this is new, but this is something that completely replaces what we had before, yet appears to display less information.

I also think it is interesting how yield functions are now described as “blocking functions”, I have never seen that description thus far on the wiki.


This feels like a very rushed update. In its current state it seems to serve having a redesign over practicality.

I haven’t seen it on desktop yet, however it looks nicer on mobile than the old wiki. For the time being though, I think it’s crucial to leave the old wiki accessible until this new one is just as practical or more practical.

Edit: Re-read my post and wanted to clarify more strongly that from what I’ve seen it’s mostly a much nicer design, with few things I would personally complain about. But as someone who often uses the wiki while scripting, I really do need API pages to show inherited properties, functions, etc.


The API Dump doesn’t have this information either. We had to manually override the type on the wiki.
It’s a limitation of Roblox’s reflection system, and its something that I’m currently looking into.


Now that I am on my desktop I can properly look at this.

To start with, I very strongly do not agree with the redirect placed on the old wiki website. However, I accept that the fastest way to get feedback on this new website is to force people to use it. That said however, a lot of information is missing or is just very inconvenient to access now. Please leave the old wiki accessible while the hub is being polished.

Things that I like

  1. The website theme feels modern, is very clean and crisp, and feels good to click around in.
  2. The floating content navigation tool on the right of articles is very convenient and doesn’t take up too much room.
  3. The learning material presented right away under Getting Started is a friendly start, and the material under Learn Roblox is extensive. I wish I had these resources back in 2009.
  4. The index lists on the API reference page are very useful (But could be way faster to use with class icons).

Things that I do not like

  1. There is SO much wasted space. It’s unacceptable, especially seeing how compressed the content I actually care about is as a result of this. The navigation pane on the left cannot be collapsed and leaves a huge empty column down the entire page, and the floating content navigation tool on the right of articles could also stand to be collapsible. This forces some content to wrap, making pages very long and seriously hurting readability. There is also far, far too much padding on many page elements, or else font is simply too large.
  2. Code blocks can be independently toggled to dark theme. What’s the purpose of this? If I toggle a code block to be dark themed, it stands to reason that I want them all to be dark themed, and to stay dark themed as I navigate between pages.
  3. Functions are listed only with their name and their return type. You have to click on the function name and navigate to a completely different page to be able to see function parameters. The old way of conveying this information with a complete function signature was much more useful as it showed all of the relevant information, all at once, and on the same page. It was very easy to skim. Sometimes, all I need is a reminder of the parameter name.
  4. Function pages could also benefit from displaying the complete function signature, using the downwards list of parameters and return values for additional information instead, as it’s now too difficult to skim for a general overview of the function.
  5. Inherited properties and functions are displayed in a cloud of buttons/links. A collapsible list with descriptions and signatures inline would be far more convenient. I never want to navigate away from my current page simply to read a single sentence of information.
  6. As others have said, the URL is strange. It should be attached to the roblox domain.
  7. The theme is extremely bright and has low contrast sections sprinkled in everywhere (eg. the search bar in the top right), which is a recipe for eyestrain.
  8. The ordering of items in the left pane on Learn Roblox is strange, with studio basics being at the bottom of the list. Shouldn’t that be at the top?
  9. Code Samples looks like a cluttered disaster. There are a lot of code samples in this grid that are not useful to be presented front and center, as EchoReaper has pointed out. (Eg. This one)
  10. Class icons are missing.

To further emphasize the white space and squished content issue, I have a 720p monitor, and it’s a relatively small resolution now by today’s standards. Here is what an article page looks like (Scroll bars being black are just me mucking around). Compared to the old wiki, there is now much less information on my screen. It makes me feel a little bit claustrophobic.


  • It would be useful to have a hover tooltip on links that displays a summary of the page / function / property the link points to. (Eg. Hyperlinked text on Wikipedia)


Fantastic feedback! Thank you so much.
This will be super helpful as we analyze what we need to work on for the next few weeks.


I really would like to be able to hide the two sidebars. I don’t want to visit any of the pages in the navigation bar on the left. If I wanted to go to a different page then I would just google it like I already did to get to the page I started on. The content panel on the right is only necessary because of how elongated the page has been made, and it only further contributes to the height of the page by making less room for the actual content and making it wrap onto more lines. If everything were a lot denser and all of the information that was stripped out were put back then it would be perfect again.


Kindly disable the renewal of this domain, cease automatic redirection from => to, and then never do an update like this again.

I understand that you guys are trying to appeal to young developers and whatnot, but you can’t just force an update like this on people that have mastered using the Wiki throughout their years on years of developing. At the very minimum, please have a way to use the old Wiki.


If you’re going to stick with this new domain; please get a ssl cert for it.


Why is the maximum width 1440px? There’s so much empty space on my ultra-wide monitor.

What it should look like:


Putting it bluntly this is not an update to the wiki.

This had made it a lot more difficult for developers to find the information they need. Each time I want to find something I am required to do a search instead of just selecting what I want from the drop down list which is a feature I liked a lot. It allowed me to find any new sevices/instances deing developed such as the tween service before it was released.

Upon finding the information it still lacks additional information like Yield function, links to Enum lists ie Player.CameraMode is linked and lastly having just dictionary for the return type does not help explain the data structure for GetProductInfo. In a more extreme case the ContextActionService uses “dictionary” return types with no explanation of the data structure.

This just makes things unusable and will slow a lot of developers down.

Please change the wiki back.