Announcing Three-Strike System of Moderation


At risk of overstating the obvious… this means if you make an off-topic post, it does not give you a strike, but the post may be moved out of the thread and you would receive a feedback message why your post was off-topic. (Making off-topic posts is against forum rules)


I think he got it. However, I’d like to see a movement towards warning people for being on-topic.


I doubt anyone actually misunderstood, but I’ve adjusted the wording. Thanks.


Thanks for going through the trouble :slight_smile:

Not nitpicking, as I doubt anyone would missunderstand it; just trying to be humourous!


Genuinely was confused with the wording.


If there is any chance whatsoever that I’d gain a strike by trying to he helpful and reporting a bug, I would absolutely never report one. Even if I thought it were the most catastrophic issue Roblox had ever faced. Simply not worth the risk of being cut off from this important community forever.


I think it’s justified, I like how the strike system is mostly for behavioural so that’s ok in my eyes


I don’t think that bumping an old thread should ever be considered wrong (unless you just say “bump” with no additional content).

I frequently come across old threads with really useful information, and I am not going to be hesitant to comment on the thread, just because it is old.


We define bumping as making a post active again without adding enough actual content to the thread (somewhat in relation to the age of the thread). Adding a significant comment to an old thread is fine, that’s not really what we consider bumping.


I am glad that you elaborated more on your definition of “bumping.” Without knowing your definition it was sometimes conflicting to decide between a) creating a thread very similar to an older, existing, thread, or b) replying to an old thread and potentially having it considered a rule-breaking “bump.”


The punishment in question is not for submitting bugs, but by unnecessarily pinging Roblox engineers with urgency to a bug which does not warrant it.


i feel like this can kinda get out of hand, but aight


Damn, times have changed. This forum has grown so much since when it was first started in 2013.