Announcing Three-Strike System of Moderation


Hey Developers,

As we look to accommodate a growing developer community, it has become evident that we need to devise a more structured method of moderating the Developer Forum that scales better with the community’s size. As a result, we’ve created a system we’re calling the “Three Strike System”. It works exactly like it sounds - you get three strikes, each accompanied by a suspension; the third strike comes with a permanent removal from the Developer Forum.

The process looks a bit like this:

  1. First strike - you receive a one-day suspension and a warning message
  2. Second strike - you receive a five-day suspension and a warning message
  3. Third strike - you are permanently removed from the Developer Forum

While this may seem extremely strict, we’re only resorting to these strikes for behavioral-related offenses rather than forum etiquette situations. For example, posting disrespectful content directed at other developers will result in a strike, but bumping an old topic will not.

For more in-depth information about the Three-Strike System, check out the updated Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum.

Developer Relations Team

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I think that being this strict on the dev forums is absolutely appropriate. Excellent job.


This will be a positive change for the forums, I believe this was really needed, thank you! :+1:


Do our warnings start at 1 just like arrays


I really think this will help out for future moderations on the developer forum, and fits perfectly with the current guidelines. Good job.


We should introduce reputation or ‘approval’ points to numerically display the [Reputation] status of a member on the forums.


This is an off topic post FIRST STRIKE mister.


I think this a great move. :+1:


This seems a bit random to just have now, considering how much the forum has been growing. I have a feeling something like this was done internally for being consistent with offenses.


Happy to see this. Now people who hover around the forum misbehaving won’t end up evading countless warnings and sticking around forever.


Is there any time constraint on these strikes? For example if someone was to get 3 strikes all separated by a year, it seems a bit strict for that person to be banned as their offences are spread so far apart.

Good change either way.


Agree. There should be a form of reset. Possibly like after 6 months the strike goes away.

For example, you get strike one in Feb and strike two in March. You get another strike in September. September’s strike would be a strike two because you still have the March strike but not the Feb strike.


Agreed we will discuss it internally and figure out the correct balance.


How did moderation on here work before? Would 1 strike now constitute as a removal before? What constitutes a strike? Harassment? Vulgar language? Inappropriate content? Or can we be given a strike for something petty? Are older post considered? If they are, will harsh moderation be applied such as it is on the main site?


I believe before it was more of a judgement call based on severity of the offense. Unsure though. That’s how it sounds in the OP.


Will things outside of the DevForum constitute a strike or immediate removal?

For example, people using DevForum status to scam others, or just people in general scamming or being rude on the Roblox website itself?


Is there a cooldown or a timer where your strikes reset?


Please make sure you read the updates to the rules thread linked in the OP. There is more information there.


Refer about 3 replies up.


The main topic has more specific information on how the cool-down period works. If you have any suggestions please let us know.