Announcing Three-Strike System of Moderation


A needed change that I’m with all the way. The DevForums ought to get back into that professional community atmosphere where we’re here to share, improve ourselves and each other, not bring each other down. I personally don’t think it’s strict at all, it’s something that should’ve been present some time ago. This especially goes with the volume of people being accepted nowadays. It’s easy on everyone; it discourages members from poor behavior and it helps staff track moderations better.

Also, curious question, why is this in Public asopposed to Inception? I’m just thinking now that this is a DevForum-only related announcement in terms of the forums, so I thought it’d make more sense to put it there. I don’t know, I’m not staff.


Yea. Just saw the update.

Notable tl;dr.

Strike 2 must occur within 60 days of Strike 1. Strike 3 must occur within 60 days of Strike 2. Now if you get a 3rd Strike 61 days after Strike 2, is that a Strike 1?

Also Strike 2 is now 5 day suspension not 3.

I do find it interesting that Rule 16 is an auto-3 Strike. That one seems like a judgement call given what is shared.



Like the idea.


It was certainly done internally though there wasn’t the suspension element. Discourse has its own internal warning / strike system like this.


Awesome! :tada: This was much needed!


Improvements are always welcome. However, in what way did it become evident for there to be a more structured method for moderation? Is the DevForum’s activity growing that much?
It will be interesting to see what level of improvement this system will bring to mass control on the DevForum. It does seem more effective, but I don’t see how well it would work on a case-by-case basis.
It does make me wonder, as I manage a Roblox Discord community with 50K+ members but no “strike” system. Instead, we have a team of dedicated moderators, filtering, and user moderation history.


This is definitely a welcome change. I love that young and budding developers are joining us, but we should not sacrifice the maturity and the professionalism of the forum because of it.


Wait, so there weren’t strikes before?


I would like to see a strike being issued for using ROBLOXCRITICAL tag when it is not appropriate.

It should be something that developers feel they are risking taking a strike for, and not a tag to be taken lightly. In turn, this would allow Roblox engineers to take a ROBLOXCRITICAL notification much more seriously and urgently.




I would like to see the guidelines for when to use ROBLOXCRITICAL updated to be enormously more explicit than they currently are, first.

There are too many questions left behind by the current guidelines for enforcing that to be even remotely fair.


I believe that there should be some sort of warning before a strike and suspension is applied… So that someone knows what they are doing is wrong.


Awesome, I cannot wait to see it in action :heart_eyes:


That’s what the first strike is for. No need for warnings, if you quality for a strike, it means you are intentionally doing something inappropriate, it’s not something you’d accidentally run into. (i.e. for forum etiquette issues, you just get a feedback message, not a strike)


To add to what @buildthomas said, you can see all the things that qualify for strike points are pretty blatant.

Check here:


Like how the other day, when Roblox broke VehicleSeats all across Roblox, and the person who made it ROBLOXCRITICAL was told it wasn’t Critical. I would definitely believe that breaking a key part of Roblox is pretty critical, but apparently it’s not? It’s just too up in the air.


Criteria for robloxcritical are up here and it’s unambiguous that the VehicleSeat bug did not meet it:

I agree that we should definitely improve the ROBLOXCRITICAL guidelines though, as non-critical issues (e.g. reproducible crash for rarely encountered worfklow) quality as ROBLOXCRITICAL and some actually critical issues do not.


I think we must begin by analyzing what we define as a Critial bug. Personally, I’d define it as “a bug which significantly impacts / impairs a commonly-used feature, and is reproducible in most games”.