Announcing Unlocked Avatar Scaling: Expanding the Roblox Universe


It really depends on the package. For some of the existing organic packages, once you walk around with 100% anthro for a while and switch back to 0%, they look like chibis. Somewhere in between 0% and 100% looks better for these. For packages like the redcliffe/overseer knights in the OP’s screenshot, they look pretty decent with 100% anthro (ignoring animations). Roblox, uh, has a lot of work to do in figuring out what kind of packages to avoid (e.g. plaid+brown jacket due or the ones copy+pasted from the Unity asset store), but the scaling itself looks decent with the right packages.


I hope players will get used to Anthro. It truly has potential. uwu


I like the emphasis on congruency between old and new models rather than a complete rejection of a distinct past artstyle
I think vertex deformation on R16 limbs is the ultimate end for avatars feeling as congruent as possible. Going back to 6 parts and perhaps a joint/ “segment” system inside each part- idk.


I noticed that my character’s shoulders are a bit more bulky.


This might be due to the change in how avatars are scaled, but I think the artist-intent joint locations have something to do with it as well. I’m hoping it’ll adjust itself when the CoolKid McAwesome bundle gets some adjustments.


I already know what i’m going to be rockin’ when these guys come out.


It will probably drain your wallet bone-dry.


First rthro outfit released to public for free and it has a few issues:

  1. hats still dont properly scale to the rthro heads, and rthro hats dont scale to normal heads either, so theres not a lot of backwards or forwards compatability
  2. Theres no preset costume for the outfit, so you have to equip every body part and animation manually

Looks good for a free item other than those issues


You can find it under Costumes > Preset Costumes, but equipping it from there will overwrite your whole appearance.


It wasn’t there when i first made the post, it must have just been hotfixed


Took a copy of the same package @chesse20 did, but didn’t obtain it for about 10 minutes. It only finally appeared on my avatar page while I was writing this. Why did it take so long to appear on my avatar page even though it said I owned it on the package’s page?

Edit: It still doesn’t show as a preset costume for me, but in my post what I’m describing is that the individual parts wouldn’t even appear for ~10 minutes.

Edit 2: I’m not sure how easy it would be to display the animations with a different rig, but why do the animations intended for Rthro show on a standard R15 body? It seems more appropriate to use an Rthro body.



I was honestly hoping that the necks being attached to the head was a mistake in the initial model that was released, but every leak I see shows the necks attached to the head instead of the torso. Are we expected to just not want the characters to look up, or is decapitation part of the new vision?


didn’t even think about that one, good point


Normally I’m in favor of controversial updates, but I’m kind of on the fence for this one. I can see its possible potential, but again I can see its drawbacks. This would be A LOT better if we had bendable meshes imo.


Whenever I put the Rthro head on and off, the standard head gets bigger:

I need to put any previous, normal heads on and off to make it go normal size again.

Roblox head giant after equipping Rthro head

I love it. nVPSQ0H


This is awesome;

Very impressed and love the feel of this, makes me feel like a toy character, great work.

The package looks phenomenal btw :stuck_out_tongue:


May I also add; the animations are :ok_hand: top notch, really fluid.


This update has separated my arms from the rest of its body…

Other than that I’m really liking the update and the animations look really polished!


Am I the only one that’s disturbed by the fact that the idle animation has the character tilted, as if the gravity was slightly off?

New Default Running Animation - Head looks left the entire time

Yeah, i agree. Seeing that makes me pretty tilted.