Anomic Admin Handbook

Admin Guidelines

Written by : AtlasType
Updated : 12/4/20


As a staff member at Anomic Studios, we are looking for trustworthy members to ensure a safe community for all ages. With that being said, we are looking for trustworthy members to join and become staff members here at Anomic. This role comes with a lot of trust and responsibility and not to be used to troll or abuse.

Points Of Contact

  1. Loumec | Loumec is the owner of Anomic. She has the final words over anything.
  2. Main Developers | Main Developers are counted as Head Developers. If Lou decides to hire another developer, any negative action by them should be told to Loumec, PassiGames, or AspectType
  3. Head Administrators | Head Admins have the final ruling over administrative actions. If you come to find a staff member abusing, make sure an online head admin is aware.


Admin Abuse

Admin abuse on Anomic grounds is 100% against the rules. If you are caught abused you will be punished by Higher ranked staff. Please use common sense when banning or usage of any command. If you’re upset over a conversation or argument, please take a moment before you begin banning again.


Everyone should be treated with respect. Failure to treat staff and members with respect will result in a strike. If you’re smart enough, you’ll listen to higher up staff. Anything they say, goes.


Developers and Creators are immune to all rules based on Anomic. Admins aren’t above the rules, you’re expected to follow them correctly.

Conflict & Drama

Please evade from conflict and drama. We work together as a team. If you have a negative reputation, your job at Anomic can be risked. Please note that talking about staff behind their back will lead to an instant severity 2 strike. This is not tolerated at Anomic.


All staff are required 5+ bans a week. If you fail to complete this, you will be striked. 3 strikes and you’re out.

Ban Guidelines

Feel free to contact any Higher ranked staff if you have any questions or concerns. When contacting us, please make sure you provide the entire context of the situation. Don’t just message us and say “hi” or something. Get straight to the point.

  • The words “Damn” and “Hell” will never be considered as swearing.

  • Usage of alternative accounts to join the game is an instant kick. However, using alternative accounts to access the discord is allowed. However, if they come back to be an asshole, you may remove them.

  • Refer to the public guidelines to see ban time and length. You can view this HERE

Our Heads

Loumec - Creator
AspectType - Main Developer
PassiGames - Main Developer
AtlasType - Head Administrator
Disglair - Head Administrator
ExoticRBLX_Youtube - Head Administrator
Iivyez - Head Administrator