Another island build

I made this island thing, how can I improve this?

The big tree’s stems look weird idk how to fix it

how much do you like this build?

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First of all, I think this island looks AMAZING!

I think improvement on this island would really depend on the purpose of it.

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Wow! This is amazing :slight_smile:

Maybe you could add a few more islands?

I like how the island is covered in vines.

Is this going to be a role play game, a showcase or something else?

I cant wait to see what it turns out like when you finish it!

                                   -From Cre8tor.
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I’m just building this because I’m bored. I don’t even know what to do on studio. I have already made a showcase of random islands

I might make a protfolio if I think my building skills are good enough

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It’s absolutely gorgeous, lovely :slight_smile: The detail is amazing, I like the little mushrooms and the way you designed the tree is spot on!

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That island looks absolutely beautiful!

The larger tree alone is very impressive. Good work!


It looks good, simple but realistic, mesmerizing! I feel maybe work on the tree, the blocks are just sticking out. Maybe smoothing it a bit would do the trick, I like it a lot!

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