Anti-Exploit for unpatched fe blackhole exploit

Theres been recent exploits happening in a lot of fe games on roblox that makes a mini black hole sucking unanchored parts, causing lag, and ruining the map.

I need help on figuring out how to patch this because several exploiters are using it in some popular game I’m working on.
I’m not great on making anti exploits and I really do need some help

Example of what the problematic exploit:

You are working on games with strong physics components. You need to manually set network ownership or manually cframe parts.


can you give me some developer resources for me to work with?

Note that all this is by design. I’m suprised exploiters haven’t been doing this for longer. It’s always been possible, before or after FE was added.
If a part is not firmly stuck to an anchored part, and the game gives the part’s network ownership to an exploiter, then the exploiter can do whatever with it. They may spin any part at high speeds and teleport them into other players to fling them etc.


I’m not sure how effective this could be, but you could create a server script that ensures that all the Part instances are maintaining their role properly.

As @Antiael says, physics can become a target for this, and you may need to set network ownership or just CFrame the parts by hand.

I would take a look these resources and explore with the functions, :SetNetworkOwnership() and :GetNetworkOwnership().

You could especially explore with this one:

Get ahold of the Client that is manipulating the physics of these parts and ban them. (Though, that’s easier said than done.)

Edit: and as @Eestlane771 suggests:

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I’m no sure if this will work. But, I read through the script and found out that in one part, t changes the Player’s MaximumSimulationRadius to math.huge().

My idea is to detect a change in MaximiumSimulation radius and kick them if it’s greater than 1000 (Which is the default number).

Hope it helps!


im still working on the network owner thingy but ill try this out! thanks

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I almost missed that! I was wondering how the exploiter could’ve grabbed parts from that far away.


I just realised that this method was possible before, but ROBLOX has removed it.

@salah789I’m sorry that doesn’t work anymore

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