Anti Exploit Remote Events. Whats the best way to secure them?

I was trying to secure the Remote Events in my game, so hackers wont be able to hack them.

Untill now I used a method that I created in order to prevent hackers from firing important Remote Events that give money for example. I was putting a secret key for example “x75@$$64L” that exploiters cannot know and each time the event fires I check is that key existing and is it correct. However I dont know is that a good way to do it. Does anyone know a better way to protect Remote Events from exploiters?


I do not recommend that you use RemoteEvents to carry out important tasks such as giving money to players. Even if you’re using some sort of secret key, I would not trust it. Instead, use the server to carry out important tasks.

Also, there are numerous posts related to this topic. I recommend that you use the search tool and check them out.

Here are some that you can look into.
Guys, list your methods of protecting RemoteEvents/Functions from exploiters
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Having a secure server is the most important thing you can do. Famous overused quote: Never trust the client. Think of everything an exploiter could possibly do with the remotes if they had they key and think of a solution to patch it.


Do every important task like combat,buying,rewarding players anything,creating parts on the server
Do animations, and ui on the client + all of the information you need from the server you can fire to the client

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Thanks sir I did not know they can do that. I will find a new way to do it.

Thanks sir, I think i know how to do it now.