How would I fully secure my remotes from exploiters

What you can do is put your local script in a module then save the module to roblox and call it from that local script. This way they wouldn’t be able to see it cuz the module wouldn’t even be in the game. Ez gg


By put your local script in a module I meant just put the code not the actual script.

Even with this method, It can still be exploited.

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I didn’t say it couldn’t be exploited, they just wouldn’t be able to view the code which is what he wanted right?

I want it so that they can’t fire the remote and ruin the game for people. Viewing the code is just the problem I am trying to overcome to fix this.

This was been brought up again and again and again please make sure to search before posting

I have read these and have not found anything for the specific problem I am facing.

You can refer to this


You can’t, don’t waste your time just do sanity checks and move on

For this case, there’s no way to prevent this. But what you can do is, add a cooldown, or limit the number of clicks a user can click per minute on server.

Alright! I think I will experiment with a few things. One thing I noticed just now is that it adds a GUI instance to your game, so maybe I can detect this and kick someone if that happens.

I’m sorry to hear that. You lack the knowledge in Computer science to acknowledge that it’s impossible to prevent something like this.

These scenarios aren’t unique to Roblox

You don’t have control over someone else’s computer, not in Roblox

This is why there are exploits everywhere in every game and platform not just Roblox

and as for Roblox, us developers lack the power to win the Exploit game, we are given less permission and access than Exploiters do, don’t try to win a gun fight with a knife.

Your best solution is to do Server side checks, exploiters do not have power over that.

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That’s inefficient. The only way to “prevent” this is to control the rate of clicks sent to server.

Ok! I will work on it. Thank you for your help!

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Please do not claim I lack knowledge. I came here to learn, not to be told I am not the scripter which I am trying to be, hence me coming here. Thank you :confused:

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@KinqAndi, Do you think it would be efficient to check where the remote is being fired from and see if it is being fired from an unknown script? This might not fully stop the exploiters, but I think it would scare off any exploiters who know a bit less. I am pretty sure I am safe from any actually big exploiter.

This should enable you to understand what I’m trying to communicate

It seems like you are new to game development and programming

All it takes for people to crack your game is for one person to figure it out share it or even make money off of it, you should be dedicating your time to Server side checks and gameplay.

Doing Client side anti exploit is futile

I’m not new to either of those. I just am new to dealing with exploiters. I just now realized that is will be a serious issue. But thank you for helping.

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To your question about checking if its an unkown script. No, you can’t do that, since there will be multiple instances of the local scripts, so they are not equal. The only way you can possibly do what you’re asking, is by doing what I recommended earlier, controlling the speed rate it’s clicked at

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Alright. I decided to detect if a user fires the event 8 times every 5 seconds. I have done some math and came to the solution it is theoretically impossible, even with a auto-clicker that goes 1ms/click then it wont be able to go faster than that. I am making a support server in the event of it being accidentally banning someone.

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I think you should make it like 5 times per second or something

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