Anticheat for an fps game

Hi guys!
I’m making an FPS, I want a good anticheat, just to avoid basic things (or even more advanced ones, if possible), can you recommend good anticheats for my game? I’m willing to pay for some anticheats if necessary


You could use Chickynoid, server authoritative character replacement - #399 by CCTVStudios!

It’s technically not a anti cheat but I mean it replaces the character physics and makes it completely controlled by the server so physics based hacks like flying are (I’m actually not 100% sure) “impossible” but I don’t know

You could also look my post and look at CodedJer’s post’s links. They’re pretty useful and if you wanted to make your own and learn then I’d recommend that because they helped me.


I’m currently developing anti-cheat that uses machine learning here that will be released soon.

Although you need to collect data and train anti-cheat model, I have implemented the codes that does 95% of these tasks for you. The anti-cheat finds outliers on player’s movements, but you can change the codes to suit your liking. For example, kill streaks.


Very good man, I’m going to favorite the thread in my browser to buy/download as soon as it’s released

cheatblocker pro is really good

I took a look at the free one, I didn’t like it

My anti-cheat has been released!

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