Any Good building Plugins?

Hello Robloxians,
Im a new DevForum Member.
Im Italian and i cant speak and write english that good.
I have been on ROBLOX since 2007 and alot has changed.
My favourite types of games are FPS Games and realistic Games.
I make games but i make them private.
So i wanted to ask what kind of plugins are good for building?
Thanks for reading and have a great Day.
-Stef (Stefan)


These are plugins I mainly use for building:

Archimedes Plugin: enables the builder to create curves/circles out of parts.

Btools: unlocks different features of building in studio, such as resizing more than one part regularly at once, without all axes being resized.

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Any. Plugin. By. @stravant.


Buildv4 is a very good plugin!


okay i will try it out thanks.

sounds good i will check them out

Gap fill, how does one develop without gap fill, also, resize align

Definitely try out F3X it can help you move rotated objects in straight directions and it has fast keybinds.

Please use the search function as this topic has been covered before, there has been a few topics relate to this if you’re looking for some good plugins to help you with building.

For a new builder try installing a small amount of recommended plugins 'Studio Build Suite, F3X, GapFill, ect. Try using the ones that are needed, you don’t need a bunch of plugins that you don’t need nor use find ones that are needed. Here is a already discussed thread with developers recommending plugins. Refer;

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Hello Developer,

I have made a post revolving on topics like these.

I highly recommend you to review this post all about developing, and advice on it from developers all around the world!

Developing - Expert developers advice from all around the world - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

Hope this helps!

P.S: Yes, you can find some plugins there as well!

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[New Plugin!] Sign Generator! - Customize your own sign in Roblox Studio!
You can check out this one I made. Might help you out!

Stravant Gapfill and F3X building tools.
Im not a builder myself, but i use F3X in-game.

[quote=“17kSweetSushii, post:13, topic:1135221”]
espero le sirva

when it comes to making trees I used this model :slightly_smiling_face:
Tree genertor

I hope this serves you

(1) Brushtool 2.1 - Roblox is very useful, you can use it to scatter selected models or objects around your map, configuring the size of what your “brushing,” and the radius of each newly brushed model/object.