What plugins do you all recommend for building on studio?

I’m curious to try some more of them out…


Great question to ask because right now is a great time to use plugins in studio for building.

We have so many tools on Roblox and so many more tools in plugins that can help us out and it’s great that Roblox has that feature for us.

I would recommend the basic ones like:

F3X - A building tool that provides a slick UI with similar features to regular studio but some features are altered to help development out. (Haven’t used this plugin for a while but when I used it you could use it live in game instead of just using it in studio.)

Studio Builder Suite - This plugin has a lot of features combined including resizing all objects on their own axis, setting your own axis on an object, rotating on first selected/selected axis and much more.

Tree Generator - This tool is very handy especially when you are doing a lot of work with trees.

Gap Fill - This tool is very nice for tedious jobs when you are trying to fill a crack and get precise placement.

Model Reflect - Model Reflect is a nice too when you need a mirror tool especially when you want perfect symmetry.

Rope/Curve Tool - This tool helps create nice ropes for jobs that normally would be hard to perfect or just take a long time.

Part to Terrain - This is a very nice tool especially when trying to convert triangle terrain into smooth terrain.

Part Counter - This tool helps figure out how many parts are in your game to keep your game as optimized as possible.

Atrazines Terrain - I use this one a lot and it helps quite a bit for custom terrain. You can place nodes anywhere and the UI is very clean and easy to use. You will understand how to use the plugin almost instantly. This plugin is to create triangle terrain.

Virus Scanner - A good plugin to make sure your game is safe.

ResizeAlign - Allows you to resize things easily and exactly on to corners for easy and accurate resizing.

Light Editor - Allows you to easy edit light inside of objects.

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Resize align has been a huge help, definitely check it out.


First of all, if you are going to install plugins I recommend you to see the profile of the creator of the plugin and check if it can be a bot, because the library of plugins and models is full of malicious plugins.

This for example, has 1,746 favorites and only 2 likes, and check the creator’s profile, and others that SturdyStubs said are also viruses, the original is there: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/1256428022/Tree-Generator

On the other hand, the plugins I recommend are, see the description of the plugins. (Not viruses):

I tested all of them, and there are many more plugins that can be useful, but you have to check if they are not viruses.


Here are some handy plugins I use. If you want to check out all the stuff I have installed then feel free to browse my inventory https://www.roblox.com/users/3999138/inventory#!/plugins




This was even helpful for me, I normally use F3X and I’ve never really explored other plugins.

Thanks DieSoft - look forward to using these!


The ones I use the most is definitely GapFill

I would recommend this plugin to anyone


Here’s some great plugin’s that have absolutely helped me and saved me some time.


Now a few of these have already been posted, but I want to post the plugins I use the most. Here they are:

  • Light Editor by woot3 for easy editing of lighting inside of models. Has specific shapes based on the type of lighting to help you delineate whether you’re working with Surface, point, or spotlights.

  • Instance Counter by DarkContinuum. I do a lot of work for fashion and cafe groups that give me a set part limit, so this plugin comes in handy.

  • Show Decomposition Geometry by CloneTrooper1019. This plugin allows you to see the decomposition geometry (hitbox) of all union and mesh parts in your game. This is helpful when setting the CollisionFidelity on an object and when determining whether an objects hitbox will cause any significant lag.

  • Zeph’s Thumbnail Maker by (you guessed it) zephyred. This plugin allows you to easily get a picture of your model and publish it in one go. A must-have.

  • All of the Stravant geometry plugin suite. To check out his plugins, see his profile here.

  • F3X by GigsD4X and qCmdUtl by Quenty are both amazing build suites, each with their own features, design, flow, and functionality. I suggest downloading both, as they become handy in different situations. F3X is more generalized while qCmdUtl is more specialized, so each have a place in your plugin library.

  • Model Resize byDaMrNelson. Exactly as it sounds, and quite helpful too. Way more accurate than studio’s resize tool.


Reflect, Gapfill, and ResizeAlign are tools I literally cannot build without. Those 3 plugins help a lot when doing complicated builds.
A plugin named Archimedes Two is also a pretty good plugin and something I definitely recommend. (Despite me not using it very often)
Celestial Body Dragger is a good plugin to have when you want to test a game that has lights and a day / night cycle.


I use this plugin for 3D text. https://www.roblox.com/library/2273628561/ThreeDText


Hello oneandonlyralph! Read this post here for more info on the best building plugins on Roblox studio. Good luck. :wink:


Stravant’s plugins are definitely very useful indeed.
Personally, I dislike F3X tools, and I prefer SBS.

Ozzypig’s Light Editor plugin is very efficient and I highly recommend it. To add onto light editors, woot3 made a Light Editor plugin as well.

Celestial Body Dragger is a very helpful plugin by CloneTrooper.

I really do not recommend part-counting plugins. The best solution was a script shared by @WarriorKing20 on Roblox’s Unofficial Discord Server.
His script calculates the part count - run the command in the Command Bar and check the Output.
To add onto this, a part-count plugin will just make things more difficult and complicated.

Script graciously shared by WarriorKing20 (Thank you!)
local count = 0
for i,v in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants()) do
    if v:IsA("BasePart") and v.Name ~= "Baseplate" then
        count = count + 1
print(count) --made by WarriorKing20

I did not create this script, nor did I contribute to it. All credit goes to WarriorKing20.


There’s two major plugins used for building. F3X, and classic studio tools. The ratio is around 50-50 for this. If studio tools aren’t easy for you to use, I’d go for f3x. It has everything built inside 1 UI. Mess around with both and see which fits you most. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Hey, thanks for the mention. I can’t take too much credit though. It’s fairly simple.


Building Tools by F3X, Studio Build Suite, ReSize Align, Material Flip, GapFill those are the ones I use.

Since alot of people pretty much post the ones that I mostly would suggest, I am gonna suggest a plugin that I haven’t seen here yet and seems to not get that much attention.

Everytime I build, I use a plugin called Quick Build:

What this allows me to do is that I don’t have to switch tabs every time to add a part, and then having to anchor it. It lets you stay on the plugin tab and then you can easily insert most brick types.
In my opinion, it is definetively a must have.


I find this plugin very useful for making curved designs. Has a wide variety of applications.