Any great BodyVelocity + BodyGyro substitutes?

I have been working on creating a game where players are able to fly using BodyVelocities, as well as using BodyGyros to keep the players facing another such as in the video I attached.

However, after today’s update it appears that they have been broken and due to them being deprecated (I hope thats how you spell it) I’m looking for any better substitutes that I can use that will simulate this better. I’m not a huge fan of the PGS Body movers, they do not seem to work like this. So what can I do?

Edit, added an embed for the example:
robloxapp-20221128-0155370.wmv (3.1 MB)

These new bodymovers were intended to replace these deprecated ones. You should try them.

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Refer to this topic, same issue.