Any ideas how to make inventory system like it was in Escape From Tarkov?

Okay, so I want to make the inventory system like it was in Apocalypse Rising 2 or Escape From Tarkov. I should be able to move (or if possible rotate) items in my inventory and sort it.


It’s complicated but in my mind it’s not too hard, I need to find a smart way to do it. And if you have this idea how to make it, please help me.

So, items in this inventory will have a text and picture inside this item. I’m also gonna save that layout of items into a database to load inventory of player in the future. Keep that in mind.


So basically, I think you’ve got to first detect click, then tween gui to Mouse.Target, then drop when the player clicks again and detect which section of the frame it is most covering, then switch positions with the current or blank item of the frame

The core is just grid data with a 2d table as well it’s a 2d grid.

The difficult part is converting it to GUIs and making it interactive.

Inventory [1][2] = inventory data

Also try this out? Seems to be what you are looking for. I haven’t checked it out yet.

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This grid inventory was really bad so I didn’t took this as example. I’ll use the position system where every tile will have x and y (like x3, y1).