Any Open Source Admin Panels with good customisation

Do you know of any open source admin panels that meet the following requirements?

  • Basic UI interface that contains very basic commands
  • Only Administrative Commands nothing abusive or that doesn’t involve moderating
  • Different levels of admin so I could per say kick a lower admin.

I’ve tried searching all over the community resources section of dev forum and even other sources like youtube but whilst there is a great panels none of them has the admin level customization like Basic Admin Essentials or HD admin. I need them to be bindable to group ranks at different levels if you know of any please reply to the post thanks! (Also please don’t get at me for not scripting my own I am mainly focused on building and really need this as a onetime thing most other groups of my genre use open source admin scripts as well I just can’t find one that suits me.)

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I found this Admin Panel. Its really Cool! It has kick, ban, being able to reset keys for data stores (Basically resets players Data but it needs some setup)


Hey I just checked it out and it didn’t have the required customisation
I need customisation at a level like this different admin levels which can be binded to group ranks.

Well then check if the player is a certain rank and then give them that rank in game

I’m looking for an admin panel that has the same features as the one im describing except lacking abusive commands I can’t simply make it check if a players a rank I need to make different levels of admin etc + doing that which is way above my ability but there should be a resource out there for it I just can’t find it.

I think this is for U !

This would not be under scripting support (Mostly discussion). If there is nothing to your liking, why don’t you create one yourself. There are a ton of tutorials out there.

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