Any plugins? Labeling new parts: Front, back, top, bottom, left, right

I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that automatically labels the sides of a part when you create it. I’ve seen Alvin Blox create a new part and all the sides are labeled when its made.

I could add text to each side of the part using a texture (or paste in for every new part) but I was wondering if there was some plugin to do all that work for me, maybe even UNDO the work as well.

Thanks for any info!

I have a surface viewer, but it doesn’t use text to indicate the surfaces. This sounds like it would make a great plugin though! Maybe I’ll even update mine to support it.

Wrong category #help-and-feedback would have been a better place to ask.

Thanks, I’ll check that one out!

Alvin’s using StudioTweaks, a cool plugin that does a ton of useful stuff:


Why do you need to know the faces of a part? Out of curiosity. The only reason I can think of that a part face would be relevant to is for textures but even then it auto selects the face for you if you go to the dropdown menu.

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Textures is the exact reason, actually. I feel like seeing the side will help me get better at making sure the texture is oriented correctly (vertical or horizontal).