Any plugins to make UI more appealing?

So, as a generic broke student, I personally like to use studio, however, the only mainstream UI plugins I have come across is Roundify, Roundifier. The general perspective on UI being appealing is round, however, is that all the time the case?

There is an alternative to these called 'RoStrap'. A very modern framework, but is pretty script based to make the UI, which I personally dislike.

Any other open source resources that are known to give you tools to create appealing UI schemes?

All replies are useful! Thanks.
I realise this topic may stray off into what is genre of UI is considered appealing.


I use a free web-based programm called “Gravit”. It’s not hard to learn. I suggest you should give it a try even it’s not what you’ve been asking for.


I’ve used it before, and I haven’t found it easy to take it into hand, guess it’s time to try again I guess. :woman_shrugging:

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It depends on what you want to do with it. I suggest you try to fit your syle and watch some tutorials to learn it as fast as possible. Good luck! :smiley:


I installed a plug-in, which turns your square old-looking UI box to have rounded corner. It makes your UI more appealing, just change the color as you wish.

See here Roundify plugin.


Yep, always use roundify if you want that cartoony feel. Or 9slice.


I’ve mentioned this in the original post, how Roundify can be used in many ways, however I’m meaning vectors and other user elements, sorry if it wasn’t so clear.

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In the end you’ll never be able to replace a human being when it comes to things like this. You can’t just have a plugin that magically makes your UI look aesthetically pleasing— especially since that’s subjective.

Just make the UI. Over time you will grasp more about it and learn concepts you didn’t about know before. Your designs will probably look more aesthetically pleasing too. Then you can use plugins like Roundify not as a crutch, but as a tool.

This is what separates pros from noobs. Pros know how to use the tools handed to them, no matter how limited, to make something awesome. Noobs ask for tools that can do it for them and then wonder why they have inferior results.

Good luck.


I have been using Roundify for a long time, and I’m asking for other software that offers tools that are easy to take grip of, Roblox’s demographic generally thinks Roundify is the most common and appealing to kids, so in this case it is just depending on your target audience.

I personally like Roundify, I’ve just been getting bored of it.

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As @Intended_Pun said. Its not software that makes a design appealing. Sure having rounded corners or other things can make your design look more appealing. But at the end of the day, its up to the designer to think/design and create something that looks pleasing.

I suggest looking around at what other people design and create and save it for future reference. Then you can think of designs and compare how other people do things. I have a huge folder full of other peoples UI’s(roblox, normal software, websites) to reference and see how people have done things.

I personally use Photoshop for everything in my UI’s. But it depends on how the person uses the tool. Here is an example:

A amateur UI designer could use photoshop and come out with a “meh” looking design. Because it depends on the person, their creativity, their ideas, not the tool.

A professional UI designer could use photoshop and come out with an amazing looking design. Because as I said. Its the skill of the person using the tool, not the tool.


I’m just trying to enlighten @iacxx’s opinion on tools. I might be contradicting what he just stated.

Tool also plays an important when developing an interesting and desirable UI design. While sometimes it is not as important as your idea and skills, it can greatly impact your final quality.

Why can tools be important, you say?
Different tools have different purposes. In this UI design context, the main tool we will be using is the editing software. Each tool has unique features that differentiates them from others, let’s say. Choosing the right software is very important, depending on which one is most suitable to you and how effective it is. For example, you don’t use Paint to make attractive UI because it simply is incapable to produce complex shapes and such. You might also find out that GIMP is easier to use than or the other way around. As @Intended_Pun has pointed out, the next important part is to know how to correctly use your software to achieve your desired goal. Inside the software, you should know which tool does what.

There are many methods to make your UI’s appealing, such as Rostrap, which I believe is designed similar to Google’s Website designs… Rostrap is a ROBLOX Plugn which you can use.