Any Small Game Ideas?


Hello! I’m TheUnRealMario and I’m a small developer on the Roblox Platform; I’m looking for small game ideas. I am an intermediate scripter, builder, GFX artist, graphics artist, Discord Developer, and an discord developer(not verified/official).

Reason I’m doing this

I am doing this mostly because I am bored and I don’t want to steal popular game ideas.
It can result in a copyright strike and that is something most developers don’t want.

Come at me with game ideas and I’ll pick a good one!

You will be credited in the game’s description and in the game itself as someone
who encouraged me.


I really like the idea to credit someone who does chose the game idea. Maybe you can try to make like a camp role play which can include things like color war and bunks and a water park. This would be super fun and I don’t think it’s made yet. Let me know what you think about this idea!


Have you ever played super paper mario? A game like that would be pretty cool, although you should probably drop the mario part for copyright reasons. It’s basically a 2d game where you jump from ledge to ledge. I can imagine a game like that on roblox, you try to get to the end of the course without falling off a ledge or hitting an obstacle that kills you. You’d have to line up the camera perfectly with the character so it looks sort of like a 2d plain


put a fresh spin on something, or try this game generating fill-in-the-blank:
Competitive ________.

Example: Competitive Archeology.
you must dig up a fossil as fast and safely as possible, using TNT, brush, pickaxe, jackhammer, trowel, whatever.

Example: Competitive growing.
you must grow your venus fly trap as fast as possible, collecting flys to feed it and planting useful plants like palm trees to throw coconuts at people.

Example: Competitive spidering.
This is a weird one. you must sling webs like spider-man and make web traps to capture and eat noob creatures going around. there are giant noobs, flying noobs, worm noobs, tiny noobs, etcetera. I recommend using Rope Master plugin if you want to try this (I didn’t try it, but I think it would work for this).

Example: Competitive mail delivery.
You and other players are released every round with a package tied to you. everybody must dilever it all to the same spot on the map as fast as possible, so it would end up in a mayhem of car theft, sabatoge, foot racing, etc.

If this idea scheme works, hopefully it will overtake repetitive simulators as a easy but interesting game prospect.


Why not a game full of custom board & card games. And even sports-like games such as paintball.


Maybe a hangout game,mini game based game or a fps shooting game. Games that could grabs the people attention to wanting them to click on the game. There are some good hangout games,fps shooting games, and mini game based games that could give you some headstarts/ideas that you could use in your own game.

Hangout Games Examples:

Fps Shooting Games Examples:

Mini Games Examples:

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Thank you, everyone, for ideas. I’ll be choosing one after a few more replies on this post!
I will leave a link to this just so who ever plays my game would see people who have given me these amazing ideas. Thanks again!

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I like that strategy to get a game idea!

Quite a good idea for a game! I think it would be a game that the community might want.

I like the ideas and the fact that you give me some examples!

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No problem, just helping out a fellow developer

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I was already thinking of scripting that kinda thing before this
Super Paper Mario is a great game, and I wanted to make a 2d platformer as the first of it’s kind on roblox.

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Coming up with game ideas could be quite difficult you should consider thinking of game ideas, related to what you enjoy playing and go from there:

If your wanting to create games just for fun I’ll start small try making basic mechanics such as roleplay games, adventure, action and more gather some inspiration when attempting to gather game ideas or brainstorm some then write different ideas down and choose to your own liking. I’ll just try writing different ideas on a notebook and try adding a gameplay for each of them.

Find a game you’ll enjoy - or interested in making I’ll consider striving for actual games that haven’t been created on the platform whether it’s a unique game, first person shooter or something along those too lines. There are a few threads about (finding simple game ideas) it may be something to check out when needed, as it seems related to your question.

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Or maybe make a fitness game where if you miss a button it insults you in a humorous way, like how Wii Fit did.

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Thank you everyone! I have chosen and I have decided to go with @0_GRXVE 's idea. Thank you even if you werent chosen though! They are all marvelous game ideas.

It’s no biggee! If you need ideas for games, just reflect here :smiley: