Good, Addicting, Simple, And Fun Game Ideas?

Hello Everyone!

I recently have…

  • Been stuck trying to figure out a good game idea,
  • Been watching the front page recently, and playing games to figure out a good game idea.

It needs to be simple, fun, and addicting.
I have read other posts and resources to help me, but I am stuck.

I call it “Developer’s block”(Like Writer’s Block)


I am hoping to make it to appeal to all ages.
Anything from:

  • Minigames
  • Something like some other game but with a twist
  • Or something different
    Thank you so much!

A sandbox aspect always makes games fun.


What i do is get some ideas, doesn’t matter about what type of ideas it is, for example: Unicorns and FPS.

Wow, that doesn’t makes sense, well, it could, if you change weapons like an AK47 to an unicorn head which vomits rainbows and who touchs the rainbow, will explode. The one with most kills will go to the Queen’s party.

A poor example, but thats what i’m doing in 2 games in progress:

Stages: Minigames, Bossfights, etc. which are inspired in other games and added a story and a military theme.

Conejin: The great city adventure: MMORPG in an open world themed in a city and with some story of a comic made by me and my brother years ago (Very long comic) and more unique locations where you can do fights of cards (Inspired in Clash Royale) and also edit your house, or create your own story. This might be my biggest project ever, and im happy about.


Don’t worry, struggling to find a game idea happens to every developer. You should try making a simulator or obby if you can’t figure out any ideas.


Thank you for the help! I am thinking of working on a city related game where you can edit your house and all that!
I always would make simulator games, but I think I will try something different!

Nice! Remember, nothing can stop your imagination:

Conejin (My name is inspired on him, his alternated version) is my brother’s plushie, a dog-bunny plushie, imagine That kind of plushies in a CITY doing CARD BATTLES inspired in pokemon and fights like DRAGON BALL. Yeah, Check this out, well, if you want to make a simulator, then make it unique, since simulators are always the same just with a different theme. For example: If you will make a city themed simulator, add gangs which you can trade them stuff for limited edition monthly items. And unique stuff, instead of always clicking a sword or the screen to get cash, put epic fights, for example, if you are fighting a gang, you must click some circles in the screen which will randomly appear in a random position, and if you click them, you will attack him, if you do it fast, you will do a combo. I hope this helps alot! :smiley:

And as i did with the current game: Stages, add secrets, live events which are related to the main story and add alot of stuff which are hard to get, so players will be more addicted on your game!


I had a couple ideas a while ago.

What about…

  1. A survival game, a good example… Apocalypse Rising
  2. A horror game, a good example… Slenderman games.
  3. A sandbox game, a good example… the original Sandbox ROBLOX use to have.
  4. A simulator game, a good example… well you’ve seen simulators on ROBLOX, something like that.
Survival Details/Objective Ideas
  1. Eliminate this many of this thing.
  2. Get this much of such thing.
  3. Find shelter.
  4. Repair items
  5. Survive for set time here
Horror Game Ideas

I’m currently working on a creepypasta game, maybe do something like that as Horror games have been slowly decreasing on ROBLOX. A very good horror game based off of some of the creepypastas would be very interesting. Maybe you could do something like that.

Sandbox Ideas

So, I was thinking maybe you could have a place where people can build random things together. I remember a long time ago, when I first got into building… I used the building tools ROBLOX had and I loved it. It would take a lot of time but I think in the long run, it would be worth it.
If you want, you could make a Sandbox of multiple games which would give the game a unique feel to it.

Simulator Game Ideas
  1. A high school simulator
  2. A bar fight simulator
  3. A argument simulator
  4. A job simulator this can be done in many different ways
  5. A survival simulator

Throughout all of the details above are some ideas and objectives you could put into such said games.
I hope this helps. Have a good day.


Honestly, what has helped with me was looking at the current top-rated games on Roblox and seeing if there’s anything to fork or try a formula but add a new feature to it. Such as a common one, the simulator games. Basic concept games that are quite addicting. Usually has a backpack system and weapon/tool’s you can upgrade. But maybe try something new with it. Bubblegum simulator added clouds you can jump too. That was entertaining for a ton of people.

Experimenting new things or just brainstorming what you like to do will help a ton. Spend some time searching for what you like and writing them down on paper. I hope this helps. And have fun!


Actually I remember, a while back, there was a game I loved called entrepreneur tycoon. It wasn’t a tycoon but more like the simulators we have now, you’d start at a factory job, pressing buttons to make money, and as you got more money and tokens you’d be able to move up to the next job. You could work your way up and eventually choose between joining a corporation or the criminal underworld to make even grander profits. There were side quests and vaults you could purchase, houses and so much more! It was closed for good a year ago or so, but if someone made a simulator based on that concept, maybe expand on it with a restaurant tycoon(looking at the different things you do to cook different things) twist in the pressing buttons, it could do really well. I’m just not a builder or scripter.


A game idea that hasn’t been on the front page in a long time is a social game where you can roleplay as pets alongside people roleplaying normally. I think the more stuff you can roleplay as; the better, as long as you don’t start causing lag from too many models.


Following the principles that made such studios as Nintendo and games such as portal.
Form follows Principle.
Create fun, addictive game mechanics and let everything else follow this.

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well, a simulator is always addicting.


how about this, create something without the feeling of players playing it, just do it for yourself, don’t worry on how good this is or stuff like that. Make what ever you want, do it for yourself not the players.