Any support on starting to learn how to script?

I need some tips on where to start to learn! I’m a preaty decent builder. I hope I get some replies tell me if this in the wrong section I recently just got the member rank.

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Hello! I am not a scripter myself but I do know there are lots of Roblox videos like @Alvin_Blox videos on Roblox were they teach you to script.

Okay I will try that I’m not a big fan of using youtube for a resource since there is a bunch of talking to take in. xD (Absolutely no offensive to any youtuber)

Then the best shot is to learn more is to read around people’s post’s on the fourm.

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Scripting, although intimidating at first (and sometimes frustrating) can be really helpful. I consider myself an intermediate scripter and amateur builder. I wish I could be a decent builder :sad:

Anyways, here’s some stuff to help you and kinda give you a pathway to the more intermediate and advanced stuff.

Try using the Developer Hub for any issues you encounter. If they don’t work, feel free to ask the community here on the Developer Forum any questions you have, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have! :wink:

Note: When it starts looking like gibberish just skip to the conclusion.

Some basic concepts I recommend learning first:

  • The difference between a Script, LocalScript, and ModuleScript. I’ll give you a little hint: A Script deals with server-sided stuff (That’s why I like to call it a ServerScript), such as placing a block or dealing with leaderboards. LocalScripts generally handle UIs and client-sided stuff that maybe not every player needs to see at once. ModuleScripts are a little bit more complicated, and I admit that I myself don’t completely understand them, so don’t pressure yourself to understand them.
  • Where to put different scripts. There are many places such as StarterGUI, Workspace, ServerScriptService, etc. and putting scripts in the different places have different effects.
  • Covering functions and variables, as well as simple parameters. (Parameters are the words in the parentheses of functions).
  • The basics of arrays & dictionaries
  • Leaderstats & leaderboards
  • Learning for loops

Somewhere in between beginner and intermediate:

  • Starting to learn how to be more efficient with code as you learn newer concepts - breaking away from repeating the same code over and over again (This step lasts all the way to the advanced stage - even I have a lot of growing space here :wink:)
  • Getting more advanced when iterating through arrays & dictionaries

Some more intermediate concepts that are still necessary:

  • Datastores (Simple ones. Datastore2 is way more advanced so you might want to hold on that.)
  • Handling monetization and purchases
  • RemoteEvents vs RemoteFunctions - when to use them
  • More, but that’s essentially a sneak peak at the intermediate stuff (at least what I qualify to be intermediate)
  • Enhanced for loops - using pairs and ipairs


Some of the stuff I put here might look like complete gibberish to you, and that’s completely okay. When I started scripting I felt like I had nowhere to start, so I just gave you a little preview to you about what’s to come. Soon enough, some of the beginner and even intermediate content will come to you right away, whether it takes a week (probably not), a month (maybe), several months, or even a couple years. I’ve been on Roblox for almost 3 years and still consider myself an intermediate developer. I admit that I’ve been on and off every so often, but that’s beside the point.

I wish you good luck on your scripting journey. I’m excited to see what you can create!

go on youtube! :slight_smile: And of course the devforum.

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