Scripting Resources Mega List

For a list of Developer Hub tutorials, go here. Also refer to the new Roblox Create Docs for guides and API.

EDIT & UPDATE (7/27/2022)

DM me if you want to suggest a new resource.

How did I categorize Intermediate/Advanced?

What I consider under Intermediate/Advanced is standard easy-to-get API information, common keywords, syntax, and basic coding in Luau (functions, loops, tables, etc). These often need hardly any pre-requisites to learning separately.

Because metatables requires pre-requisite knowledge of tables, I categorize it as intermediate. For example, if the topic has a pre-requisite such as tables or loops, I categorize it as intermediate.

CFrame is categorized as Advanced due to relating to linear algebra purely. If there is a need to know some high-level math outside basic algebra or is computer science heavy, I may categorize that as Advanced.

It’s been two years since I updated this post. I’ve decided to add some new resources as Roblox’s Lua evolved and now we have parallel scripting (Actors) and type checking among new API.

The additions are:

I removed:

Since there is a new create docs page by Roblox and it says the older website could be inaccurate on some posts, I decided to update what I could to their new updated pages. The changes are included.

  • Pathfinding (Fixed duplicate hyperlink appearance for Pathfinding, tutorial and API pages are named separately)
  • Debris
  • GUI animations
  • Task Scheduler
  • Touched event, collision detection page
  • Enumeration
  • Sound manipulation now converted into “How to import and play sounds” + “Docs audio short guide” with separated hyperlinks
  • Mover constraints guide
  • ClickDetector
  • MessagingService guide
  • ContextActionService
  • DataStores
  • Using Animations guide
  • Character customization guide (includes HumanoidDescription)
  • Scope
  • Conditional Statements
  • math library
  • Roblox Globals
  • Lua Globals

Resources that initially had ‘tutorial’ and led to a Roblox Docs tutorial/guide page now say ‘guide’ instead. Tutorials will generally refer to a DevForum tutorial post now.


Lua Beginner Basics guide
Scope guide
Conditional structures guide
Luau typing guide

Loops guide series

All loops (general)

Intro to Loops
Nested Loops
Loops + Arrays
While loops

Tables in more detail (tutorial)
Cloning tables guide
Standalone conditional statements tutorial
Writing modular code
Yielding & Keeping Time wiki page (USE task.wait(), wait() IS DEPRECATED)
Basic Optimization
Garbage collection & memory leaks
pcall functions (recommended for DataStoreService and other Roblox API calls that may error)
math library
string library (includes patterns + formatting)
Coroutines Tutorial
task library

Code formatting and indenting for readability
General Lua formatting
Roblox Globals
Lua Globals
Lua Debugger guide

Basic API

Remote Events & Functions

Roblox Client-to-Server model guide
Remote events and remote functions guide

Player/Characters & Humanoid

Humanoid basic guide
Camera manipulation guide
Using Animations guide (consider new page Inverse Kinematics + Easing Styles in Animations if interested in animating)
Character customization guide (includes HumanoidDescription)

Services (API+Guides)

DataStore guide
Filtering text tutorial
Mobile input Tutorial (UserInputService)
Mobile input guide
Monetization (MarketplaceService)
Debris service
Teams and Spawnpoints guide
Pathfinding guide
Pathfinding tutorial
MessagingService guide

Parallel Scripting

What is Parallel Scripting?
Actors API

Commonly used Instances

Intro to Player Tools wiki page
Mover constraints guide
How to import and play sounds
Docs audio short guide
ClickDetector API page

Enumeration wiki page (Enums)
Touched event, collision detection page
Raycasting tutorial on the Roblox wiki
Task scheduler guide
GUI Animations guide
RBXSignalConnection (aka Event)

CFrame & Vectors (May be advanced)

Vectors Tutorial
Short vectors tutorial
Understanding CFrame guide
CFrame math operations guide
Understanding CFrame Tutorial

Intermediate & General Topics

Metatables guide
Metatables tutorial
Object-Oriented Programming tutorial
Dictionary look-up vs table.find
Iterator Functions tutorial
Network Optimization tutorial (2021)
Garbage Collection and Memory Leaks tutorial

Video series & Playlists

TheDevKing’s scripting “Advanced” series (Could not find a good TweenService article so look in this playlist for a video on it!)
PeaFactory’s Playlist for “Advanced” scripting
EgoMoose’s Youtube Channel (Covers vector math & etc)
okeanskiy’s Youtube Channel

Public useful modules

Datastore2 (Save data with less hassle)
RaycastHitbox (Replace unreliable Touched event with raycast system)
Fastcast (Projectile system using raycasts while compensating for lag)
Maid (tutorial + resource)
A collection of handy scripts