Scripting Resources Mega List

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For a list of Developer Hub tutorials, go here.

EDIT: Added General Lua formatting github link.


Lua Beginner Basics guide
Scope wiki page
Conditional structures wiki page
Loops wiki page
Tables in more detail
Cloning tables wiki page
Conditional statements
Writing modular code
Yielding & Keeping Time wiki page
Basic Optimization
Garbage collection & memory leaks
pcall functions (recommended to use DataStoreService and other Roblox API calls that may error)
Global math functions wiki page
String global function wiki page
Coroutines Tutorial

Code formatting and indenting for readability
General Lua formatting
Roblox Globals List wiki page
Lua Globals List wiki page
Lua Debugger wiki page
Formatting and converting strings wiki page
String patterns wiki page

Basic API

Remote Events & Functions

Roblox Client-to-Server model wiki page
Remote events and remote functions wiki page

Player/Characters & Humanoid

Humanoid basic guide
Camera manipulation wiki page
Animations in game wiki page
HumanoidDescription system wiki page

Services API

DataType Index List
Datastores wiki page
ContextActionService wiki page
Filtering text tutorial
Mobile input Tutorial (UserInputService)
Monetization (MarketplaceService)
CollectionService wiki page
Debris service wiki page
Teams and Spawnpoints wiki page
Pathfinding wiki page
MessagingService tutorial (skip the JSONEncode and JSONDecode parts)

Commonly used Instances API

Intro to Player Tools wiki page
Body forces wiki page
Sound manipulation wiki page
ClickDetector wiki page

Enumeration wiki page (Enums)
Touched event, collision detection wiki page
Raycasting tutorial on the Roblox wiki
Task scheduler wiki page
GUI Animations wiki page
Pathfinding wiki page

CFrame & Vectors (May be advanced)

Vectors Tutorial
Short vectors tutorial
Understanding CFrame wiki page
CFrame math operations wiki page
Understanding CFrame Tutorial

Intermediate & General Topics

Metatables wiki page
Metatables Tutorial
Object-Oriented Programming Tutorial
Dictionary look-up vs table.find

Video series & Playlists

TheDevKing’s scripting “Advanced” series (Could not find a good TweenService article so look in this playlist for a video on it!)
PeaFactory’s Playlist for “Advanced” scripting
EgoMoose’s Youtube Channel (Covers vector math & etc)

Public useful modules

Datastore2 (Save data with less hassle)
RaycastHitbox (Replace unreliable Touched event with raycast system)
Fastcast (Projectile system using raycasts while compensating for lag)