Any tips on how to learn scripting advanced maths?

Do you have any tips on how I can write mathematics in my game scripts without having to resort to looking for a video to guide me, because I know that at some point I won’t have any resources, and it’s likely that no one will help me.

For example, I have seen that making a thunder requires mathematics, and then I watched some videos and I didn’t understand (and the worst thing is that some of them don’t explain well and just say what they write), that’s why I want to be independent and be able to learn to write mathematics in my codes without having to worry about anything.

I guess simply learn maths. You can see all Luau Operators on the developer page to put formulas into code.

I’m not really sure about this myself but thats all I can give you.


You should look up the math you don’t understand and try to learn it. You may need to study a bit of stuff.
I’ve found the best way to learn a lot of stuff for coding is to learn it when you need it, it makes you a lot more motivated to learn it when you need it for something.

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