Any way to customize the script editor?

Correct me if this is the wrong category. I could not figure it out.

So basically if you were to look at the script editor right now, its pretty boring.

So I am wondering if there is any way to make it ya-known, look better?

  • Maybe like text colors(I know you can already change this)
  • Backgrounds
  • ETC

So is there any way to do this?
Cause like I said. The script editor is pretty boring looking right now

Customization: FILE - Studio Settings - Script Editor.

Pretty awesome example of a theme:

Possibility to set image as a background? Not that I know of.

I looked at this and it looks great!
I am defiantly gonna use it!

My questions involving it.

  • Wheres the studios console?(In the most they say to copy n paste something in there to make it work)
  • How do I get rid of it if I dont like it? Or other

The command bar is normally at the very bottom of the Studio. If it’s not visible, you can dock it in the View tab - Command Bar. You simply paste the line.

Easiest way to reverse? Reset all settings in studio (File - Studio Settings - Reset All Settings).