Any way to fix edges standing out on Multiple Parts?

So I have been working alot with curves recently and have been using Archimedes, When using it I notice that these edges than stand out just form the group of parts, Is there any way to Efficiently solve it? I have tried many methods but they are really time consuming!


Are you willing to change part color?

Dark might hide the line.

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The Archimedes segment of this tutorial should help. Particularly the last section of that segment.

There are other ways of doing it and I hope to cover them in a tutorial eventually, but that takes time to write. Here’s an alternate way of doing it that I do sometimes use.

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Try using this plugin.


You have to understand that “curve” generators like Archimedes don’t produce perfect curves because they use rectangular parts to create the curves. It’s more like a polygon sliced in half.

You won’t be able to get a perfectly smooth curve without a cylinder or mesh.

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I agree, use the rezize allign, it’s not that harder actually.

When plugin equipped, click the part that is lower, the click the part you want the same heigh as. And it’s done.