Fourpapa1 - Builder Portfolio

Hi! This portfolio is no longer maintained, and is currently in the process of being moved to the Talent hub. Certain links may no longer function, and post 2021 projects have not been added. thank you!

(Studio screenshot of my showcase Irithyll Tower)

View my curvature build guide here: FP1's Guide to Building Curvature in Studio

Visit my EBR showcase here!: [EBR] The Scarlet Chateau Build Showcase - Roblox

Welcome - I am offering my services as a builder. I’ve been building on Roblox for ten years, and on an advanced level of proficiency for around five of those years.

I can build most things utilizing your preferred style and level of detail. My short-term commissions are generally completed within 1-2 weeks. I am not currently accepting any long-term commissions or %-based payment.

What I will not build:
-Clan-run facilities.

Thanks for your time.

(Above is made with nothing except a few thousand parts)



Blender Models 🌟NEW

2021 (the majority of which are under NDA)


Triangle Terrain Landscape Showcase 🌟NEW



WoS Lighting Showcase

May 2019
An environment and lighting experiment. Utilizes an old build for the towers, created in January 2017. Recommended you visit in-game for the full experience: Winds of Solace - Roblox

with atmospheric fog

without atmospheric fog

Irithyll Tower Old Build Showcase

January 2017
Though outdated, it still remains my only completed showcase. I planned to expand (which explains the long walk up) but ended up scrapping the other areas I finished. Recommended you visit in-game for the full experience:
Irithyll Tower (Build Showcase) - Roblox


Xbox One Hub (Dhammapada)

February 2018
A featured games hub for the Xbox One console, later cancelled. The booths would have had a prop display representing the featured game, with the thumbnail displayed on a curved beam behind it.

Place - Roblox

Roblox Battles Championship Event (Terabrite) 🌟NEW

March 2020
A futuristic arena map for “Bubble Bowling” in the Roblox Battles Event ([SAVE THE UNIVERSE] RB Battles! 🏆 - Roblox)

The Clown Killings Reborn Lobby (Lua_Basics) 🌟NEW

June 2019
An open-concept lobby for Lua_Basic’s The Clown Killings Reborn. Features varying levels of beveled terrain encompassing a large area for exploration and discovery.

Borderline Map (Mat852)

January 2020
A set of buildings and areas with platforming aspects contributed to Borderline.

Tsunami Disaster Maps (Joelbloxx)

December 2020
A set of low-poly styled maps for disaster survival contributed to Tsunami Disaster.

Car Crushers 2 Maps (Panwellz)

April 2019
Maps commissioned by Panwellz for Car Crushers 2.




Shopping Mall

Car Crushers 2 Lobby (Panwellz)

December 2019
Lobby commissioned by Panwellz for Car Crushers 2. Terrain and underground core (unpictured) provided by client.

Space Outpost Tycoon (ObsidianOne)

May 2019
A tycoon map for ObsidianOne’s Space Outpost Tycoon including tools and armors. Tree asset and shop NPCs provided by client.


Screenshot_41 Screenshot_42

The Conquerors 3 Halloween Set (BrokenBone)

July 2018
A themed model set commissioned by BrokenBone for The Conquerors 3.




The Conquerors 3 Alien Set (BrokenBone)

July 2018
A themed model set commissioned by BrokenBone for The Conquerors 3.




Valiant Valors Lobby (ChiefDays)

March 2019
Lobby commissioned by ChiefDays. Foliage meshes provided by client. Smooth Terrain contributed by Domeboybeene.

Infinite Studios Club (Scripth)

March 2017
A commission for Infinite Studios. The first thing one would notice in this game is the unusual amount of dark and empty space. This was a purposeful decision since color was meant to be drawn primarily from the lighting system they developed, player tools, and the skybox reflection on various glass parts.


Simulator Map

November 2019
A map for a personal game:

Game Lobby

Jan 2019
A social lobby map for a scrapped game


High Detail

(Entire neon sign made with parts, including helmet)

Medium / Low Detail



Weapons & Armors




I’m most often online during the afternoon, EST. I am currently unavailable for long-term projects. Contact me via Discord for the quickest response.

The primary determinant of price is the estimated time required for completion and flexibility of my schedule. My price range is negotiable, so feel free to discuss this with me to figure out what works best for both of us.

Acceptable payment options are group-funded robux and USD.

Disclogo ~ Fourpapa1#4350
Tweeeeet ~ @Fourpapa11


Impressive work! Hope you find people!


Awesome stuff man keep it up, :smile:


Absolutely stunning work, you have an amazing talent that could be used for an amazing game. Don’t put this to waste!


Very nice work.

I’ve been slammed with current projects right now and I’ve been searching for someone who can help make a lobby for a different project of mine. You seem to have a style that’ll work great.

I know this isn’t a proper question to ask but how much do your highest quality assets go for if it was ‘pay per asset’?



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Great builder! Always comes up with good designs and finishes builds in a quick manner. :ok_hand:


Commissioned @fourpapa1 a while ago. The product I received was amazing, built in a reasonably short amount of time.



Fourpapa1’s work is the gold standard of builders for hire. He was available for me at almost all hours of the day and showed creativity and efficiency every step of the way. He laid the foundation for a big project of mine. Out of respect, he agreed to wait until I finish developing my game before he updates his portfolio, but as soon as that happens, you will notice the incredible quality and consistency of his work. Hope to work with him again in the future


Probably one of my favorite builders. I sometimes come back to this to look for inspiration on my builds.

I think the swords and armor could use a bit of pizaz but everything else is perfecto


THIS IS AMAZING! We need a builder for an upcoming project, would you be interested? (paid of course)


I will recommend you to some people. You got some modeling skills aced!

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Commissioned @fourpapa1, his quality far exceeded anything I could’ve asked for! Him always being available and willing definitely helped me A LOT along the way. He was extremely fast on everything I wanted, had absolutely incredible ideas, and over delivered on absolutely everything! I am more than pleased with the end product and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to commission!

I’ve never worked with anyone like him and he is definitely worth it!


This is amazing! You have a lot of talent. That pokemon you made look so smooth.

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I’ve worked with Fourpapa several times, and he is extremely nice and easy to work with. Additionally, his work is top-notch and high quality.

Highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a builder!


+1 vouch. :smiley:

Worked with Fourpapa1 before on the Yellow Gearworks Xbox Hub. He’s an excellent builder and takes his commissions seriously. I would highly recommend him to work on deadline specific and highly detailed projects; be it world building or 3d model asset creation.

Added you on discord. Look forward to speaking with you!


+100 quality points

Fourpapa1 is hands down the greatest person to work alongside. He delivers on time and exactly what you describe. He finds creative ways to develop the ideas I throw at him, even if I don’t have a full vision set in place he adds what he thinks fits and finds a way. He is very easy to bounce ideas off of and I find that his suggestions are very insightful.

I’d recommend anyone who is looking for a consistent and dedicated builder to contact fourpapa right away!! :smiley:

I really love your work. Someone should totally hire you.

Added you on discord