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About Me

Hi - I’m offering my services as a builder. I’ve been building somewhere between eight and nine years now, though only on a proficient level for around seven. I specialize primarily in detailed asset creation, but I can build nearly anything utilizing any preferred style or level of detail, though my weakest area is terrain. I’d say the greatest skill I have when it comes to building is my ability to problem solve.
Most of my work has been for smaller groups, individuals, and myself, but I’ve also done some more notable work for titles such as The Conquerors 3, and alongside talented teams like Yellow Gearworks and Infinite Studios.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio, and I look forward to working with you!

Here are some examples of previous work:

Irithyll Tower

I recommend visiting the game before viewing the screenshot, and please excuse the terrible thumbnail which is from an old version.

This is a showcase I built In January of 2017. Each section took around 4-7 hours over the span of a week or two. Originally a submission for EBR, it ended up being too small and I never really picked it back up, as evident by the spawn area. Two areas of the map were also scrapped.


Xbox Hub

This was a hub planned for the Xbox One group on Roblox. The level of detail on this place was lower to run smoother on the console.


Infinite Studios Club

A commission for Scripth/Doroku of Infinite Studios. The first thing you’ll notice at this game is the unusual amount of dark and empty space. This was a purposeful addition since color was meant to be drawn from the amazing lighting system they developed, along with the skybox which reflects off of certain parts. An old version of their lighting that isn’t set up properly is still in the main room for testing purposes.


The Conquerors 3 Buildings

Commission done for BrokenBone - A Halloween and Alien themed model set for The Conquerors 3.


aRVwB3C rvavjeT

Misc - Some unfinished/discontinued




I’m available during most days of the week.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. I have no preference in payment, though I will not accept limiteds.


Discord - Fourpapa1#4350


Impressive work! Hope you find people!


Awesome stuff man keep it up, :smile:


Absolutely stunning work, you have an amazing talent that could be used for an amazing game. Don’t put this to waste!


Very nice work.

I’ve been slammed with current projects right now and I’ve been searching for someone who can help make a lobby for a different project of mine. You seem to have a style that’ll work great.

I know this isn’t a proper question to ask but how much do your highest quality assets go for if it was ‘pay per asset’?