Anybody know why some people are disliking my game

this is the like to dislike ratio of my game called (1) Baconville, North Carolina - Roblox
im not sure why its receiving some 29 dislikes
could any reply why some people are disliking my game and what should i do to help improve my game so some people that disliked the game will like the game more
edit: right now its 119 likes and 37 dislikes

is the game too boring? is there something wrong with the game that you dont enjoy? what should be improved?

im not trying to advertise i just need to know why some people are disliking my game**


Try making the guis more appealing, and why is the timer on top starting at 11 minutes?


i didnt quite get what u meant on why the timer was starting at 11 mins
but about what u said about the GUI’s, should i make them look liek the GUI’s in other city games liek roville


maybe use a roundify plugin or a a UIGradient to make it more appealing


And what i meant was when i joined the game the timer on top or something was starting at a random number like 11 and counting up


Or a UICorner. I prefer them over roundify


yea but how do i use UIGradient or a roundify plugin

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You can do what @intergravitation or you can get the roundify plugin.

And the UIGradient is Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 3.54.26 PM

were you talking about the buttons or all guis in the game including the loading screen when u join the game

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Not everything but just some of the buttons maybe

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I’m not really sure what you do, is it just a hangout place? Anyway your like to dislike ratio is pretty decent, you don’t need to be upset with it.


Possibly the lag? I don’t have a good pc - actually my grandpa’s dusty computer might be better.

But I have 3 fps when i join…

But I like the game otherwises, just the gui’s could use some work, like it isn’t covering the top of my screen which you can fix.

how did u do that
did u zoom out of ur screen when u were in baconville

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Well I did take the screenshot well I did that, but my fps was the same the entire time.

yes the ratio is good until u notice that the game rating is at a 75%
btw the game was supposed to be bit of a roleplaying game

Please don’t take this in a bad way it’s just constructive criticism.

  1. The timer thingy has no point
  2. The timer is broken
  3. The game seems like a free model game with a bunch of viruses
  4. The games ui is bad
  5. The icon and thumbnails are bad get a gfx artist to do it.
  6. It’s laggy

Hope this helps also advertise and sponsor.
Also the ratio is ok but the game needs work


That’s my point exactly, 75% isn’t bad.

I think your game is getting disliked cause they dont know what to do. I joined and was clueless what was my objective. To add on, yes it does look a bit free modely but I dont think you should worry about that too much. I think the dislikes would go away if you gave the player a goal


i already advertise though i dont sponsor
but about those other things u said about my game, ill try and fix those at least if im able to
liek trying to cut down on a few free models

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should i add a tutorial or a guide to my game so the player will know what theyre doing when the player is in the game