Anybody know why some people are disliking my game

Well what even is the goal of the game

its to roleplay a bit and explore some houses and buildings and drive in the vehicles

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Make some like lore then and add a trophy to that lore so I know there is lore in the game and make it so I have to go all around the map in order to learn about the lore

what was that removed reply about

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Well, here’s a quick list of unappealing things about your game that may be the reason some people chose to dislike the game.

  • Messy, misaligned GUI
  • Use of many free models
  • Lack of any structured gameplay
  • Not much to do other than walk around
  • Lag (My PC can handle practically any game at 60 fps, but for some reason this game actually made my fps dip down to 30, although it might have not been the game itself)

Hope this helped. Definitely worth looking into some of these and seeing what you can improve upon.


Heres my reasons:

I don’t really know what to do in the game

Title explains it. Maybe add a tutorial or something.

It is pretty laggy

I can run almost every Roblox game at a solid 200 fps (with an fps unlocker obv) but this one drops down to 50, which doesn’t seem that usual. When I zoom out, I drop to 20. If you are using free models, I recommend you check for scripts in them that could be viruses.

Specs if you are interested

I use Roblox FPS Unlocker
GTX 1080 TI
Ryzen 5 3600 6 core
16 gb ram

Gui looks a bit messy, and doesn’t work properly

I am not trying to sound rude or anything, but the gui kind of looks… bad? Try to improve. There are a couple UI tutorials that can help a lot.

I also noticed the music button doesn’t work.


Not much gameplay

Kind of relates to the first one, but there isn’t much gameplay. Maybe add little quests/missions or something, like “Deliver this to that” or something like that.

I can tell you put a lot of work into making the actual city/town and placing everything where it needs to be. Looks nice!

Anyways, good luck on your game. Btw 75% likes is actually pretty decent.


I’d suggest centering your UI, and using aspects such as UI Corner(as said by intergravitation). Not only that, but I suggest telling your players how the game works, and what you should do in the game.

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I gave your game a like, because disliking a game is useless and offers no criticism or feedback.

I’d suggest using little to no freemodels. Your game is sorta filled with them.
Also the depth of field is too intense.


It looks like my vision in real life when I don’t wear my contacts.

I don’t know if it was the blur or just the cars, but the jeep car model thing gave me actual motion sickness. And at one point the music started overlapping with more music.


yea it is full of free models sadly
some of my models are in it but most of them are just free models
but even if i try building a model myself it just doesnt look as good as a free model does

Then you should learn, having a free modeled game isn’t very good for your reputation.


about that depth of field thing you said, you were probably supposed to reduce ur graphics quality so you can be able to play the game
but ill go fix the depth of field

Came back and I have to say, the gui looks much better than before!

However the mute button still doesn’t work
When a new music plays, the other music takes a while to stop playing sometimes


its been days since someone replied here

but back to the topic, i dont exactly know how to make a mute button if you have 2 or 3 songs currently playing in your game if you used these

2021-04-12 (3)
i tried looking for a youtube tutorial about how to make a mute button with the stuff i had, but i couldnt find one

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Oh, so basically heres what you have to make with the system:

When you press the mute button, it sets each music volume to 0. This will not stop the music but still prevent the person from hearing it.


but how do i make a script for it so the person wont hear the music thats playing

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Oh, here is what I would do:

local MuteButton = script.Parent
local SoundPlaylist = workspace.SoundPlaylist -- Change this to your sound playlist object
local SoundVolume = 0.5 -- Change this to what volume all the sound all the sounds are normally

MuteButton.Activated:Connect(function() -- When button is clicked, this code will run
	for Key, Sound in pairs(SoundPlaylist:GetChildren()) do -- Goes through each sound object
		if Sound.Volume ~= 0 then
			Sound.Volume = 0
			Sound.Volume = SoundVolume

Put this script inside your mute button as a “localscript”


do i put the mutebutton and the script like this


Yes, that is how it should be. By the way, you don’t need to call it “MuteButton” you can call it anything else if you want


it didnt work
the button wouldnt let me mute the songs that were playing

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Hmm, what appears in the output?
Make sure you read the comments in the script

-- This is a comment