Anyone bored in quarantine and wanna hop in studio?

Even though its getting better some of us are still bored weve tried to make a game but always have something they cant do well i thought maybe i could find some bored people to build something.

Im not looking to build anything serious or for money, i just wanna do something fun we can enjoy and be proud of. I dont mind what you want to build we can build anything you like.

(Edit: um i had some issues to deal with irl so i had to go out a bit sorry for anyone who didnt get a reply from me but atm i gotta prepare for some stuff hope you guys can understand and maybe create your own group without me. If i do free up i will make another post similar to this.)


I’m pretty bored. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’m not a builder, I can do a little bit of building, but I like scripting. I’d call myself somewhere between beginner and amateur, but I’d love to get better. I don’t know what kinds of things you have in mind, but I am interested in helping out, and making something cool.


im a builder, but building for fun what?
edit: im still waiting your message to go studio.


idk lol sure i guess im bored as hell anyway

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Guess who is bored too. So yea I can help.

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