About the Recruitment category

This category is where developers can post job offers for long-term partnerships or short-term contract work for the development of their projects, and where other developers can find work opportunities.

How should I write my own recruitment topic?

Here are some tips for writing a successful topic:

  1. Come prepared: Make sure to have a well-thought out idea of your project before posting!
  2. Clear topic title: Make sure your topic is appropriately titled, and include important details in the title to help attract the right developers (include the type of work, the payment (method), etc).
  3. Show your project: Including images or videos of your work-in-progress project will boost your credibility and gives developers another reason to be interested in your offer!
  4. List the details: You should include the exact payment and method of payment. If you’re looking to hire short-term for specific work, make sure to list that exactly as well.
  5. Offer a contract: Take the time to make contracts, so that you and the person you’re hiring both clearly understand the conditions for performing the work, so that the requirements are less likely to change significantly later on in the project.

Don’t know how to start? You can look at the template post for inspiration!

See: Template for Recruitment topics

How should I reply to recruitment topics?

Please do not start lengthy discussions in this category. You should only reply to topics when you are interested in the opportunity being offered. If you want to have longer conversations or discussions with the poster of the topic, please do it through private messages.

My topic is fulfilled, how do I close it?

You should leave a post on your topic saying that you have found the right people, and then mark that post as the solution. Additionally, you could edit the title to include “open” or “closed” to show whether you are still looking for people.

Topics will be automatically locked after 2 weeks of inactivity, to make sure that people do not reply to old recruitment opportunities.

Who can post here?

  • All (New) Members of the forum can create topics in this category and reply to topics.
  • Everyone can read all the contents in this category, even when not logged in.

Want to post your own recruitment topic, but not a forum member yet?

See: How to join the Roblox Developer Forum