Anyone can follow me even tho it's set to only friends

Title say it all.
Very annoying trying to catch a hacker when 10 idiots follow you into the game screaming:

None of those who follow me are my friends.

If you’re trying to catch a hacker shouldn’t you use an alt?

Probably not the best way to talk about your adoring fans.

If this system worked I wouldnt need to. My game makes me invisible to all ingame leaderboards, the only leaderboard I show up on is the roblox version which I doubt anyone watched regularly.

Ikr, but these are not my fans. They do this intentionally to blow the cover of mods.

They might’ve just seen you in the serverlist.
There’s a plugin (ROBLOX+ ?) that even allows you to filter servers, which works for the owner I think.
(and if it doesn’t, they can also search by name…)