Anyone know what these errors are?

They seem like core roblox errors but I’m assuming it’s caused by something I’m doing; my game has got really laggy recently with these so I’m wondering what they are?

I may be mistaken but isn’t this that method to flood the server with errors via remote events in an attempt to crash the game?


That’s what I thought but apparently it may be an issue with how I respawn players

Mind sharing the respawn code? It’ll help us in finding the issue at hand.

I removed it and haven’t got the errors again (so far), all it was doing though was yielding for 5 seconds after death before respawning their character.

(The reason I still posted this is because it was causing a lot of lag in my game so I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.)

Looks like the error that fires when nothing is listening to a RemoteEvent


The event that’s being fired is a Roblox event though, that’s why I’m wondering.

It’s this script that should have the OnServerEvent, referencing to this Event

So check if you’re doing something that could either disable Sound, or remove that event.

Ah, it’s probably from me not removing the character but possibly removing some of those scripts.

I’m fairly sure since it’s an exhaustion of the invocation queue that you get the exact same error if you’d flood the server with invocations though, and that’s a known practice of exploiters.

Yeah, that’s because once it gets too many requests, it shuts down until they’ve been sorted through, which means later invocations get no response, which is the same thing. Could be either.

What I essentially mean to say though, is since he isn’t doing anything specific with sound (and only for one player), it seems more likely to be caused by the client spamming it rather than a very rare bug that only happens for one player as a result of a gimmic of respawning.

If he disabled something with the Sound script, I can’t imagine it’d only happen for this particular player.

I threw some possible causes for this up on the Discord server earlier but I might as well post here as well where it’s accessible to others.

Possible causes:

  • Not spawning the character immediately or for a length of time
  • Destroying the character without respawning it for a length of time
  • Destroying the Sound script inside the character without replacing it for a length of time
  • Not including the Sound script inside every character, but only inside some characters
  • Destroying the Sound script at all

Possible fixes:

  • Not doing any of the above
  • Having an empty listener inside the Player
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I’m still getting these even after removing my custom loading actually.

I have also seen these errors. Seems to be on ROBLOX’ end and they are working on it.