Anyone know why these meshes won't load?


Loads fine for Windows but when uploading to ROBLOX it seems to not work.


I have no clue, but maybe it’s because the mesh walls are too thin?

Weird, I’m not sure either. I’ll try making the faces a bit wider.

Had no problem uploading this tree, and rescaling it didn’t fix it. I don’t think that it could be the faces being too thin, but maybe.

I’m not really sure why this is happening, I’ll just try making something else maybe I clicked the wrong button. I’m still new to Blender.

I suggest you check this link, as the solution might fix what’s happening to you.

Looks like the normals from the faces are inverted, invert them in blender and it should import just fine.

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Hi! Similar to what @Di_Recc said, The faces are inverted but its an easy fix. You can take one of two approaches, with one being inside studio, inside the part’s properties, labelled ‘Double sided’. If this is checked, the mesh should return to normal. I’m not sure if this affects performance in any way tho :).

The other solution would be done inside of blender, pressing tab to get into edit mode, pressing A to select all and then SHIFT+N to recalculate normals. If you’re unsure anything has happened, press this button (shown in the image below) and make sure Face orientation is turned on, which should change your mesh into a blue tone to show correct normals and red to show ones that need to be flipped :)! image
You can also manually flip individual faces by going to Mesh>Normals>Flip whilst having selected a face in edit mode!
After doing that in blender, re-exporting it and then importing the new file into studio should fix this issue.


I’d assume it doubles the performance cost of the mesh since you’ve doubled the faces.

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Yeah, that’s what I was expecting with it having to render in both sides of the mesh. I suppose if its not used in masses it wont critically decrease performance in any way

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