Anyway to take this black outline off

I made a logo for my group and the Logo is fine but when its small and surrounded
by white objects the black outline from exporting becomes visible, anyway i can fix this?

What im talkig about is the bottom left

Run the image through Pixelfix then re-import it back to Roblox.

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Im on macbook not windows :(((

There’s a download file for mac:

Release Version 1.0.0 · Corecii/Transparent-Pixel-Fix · GitHub

You just don’t have the convenience of making it a SendTo shortcut (you’d have to drag it into the application).

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How do i use it though i clicked on it and it showed this:

I am pretty sure you have to execute the program, not open it.

Yea thats what im thinking to lol but how do i execute?

Drag the image onto the application:

It might take a while to convert (depending on the image size and your computer speed). My image was already converted so that’s why it was instant.

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Doesnt seem to worK :