Aphthiton Pauldrons Shoulder Accessory Bug



I recently found a replicatable bug today, which surrounds the Aphthiton Pauldrons Shoulder Accessory.

This accessory is something you can only obtain from purchasing a Roblox toy.
Here’s the link:

This accessory type is clearly a shoulder accessory.

But the shoulder accessory hangs around my waist. I’ve tested this in 3 games, and it even shows it on my avatar page. Yes, did try to redraw my character, and I recieved the same results

Here’s how they look in-game.

This is how they look in my avatar page.

This is how it’s supposed to be positioned.
don’t mind the outfit, it’s for halloween

When I load an old “costume” with this on the list of worn accessories, it looks perfect until I join a game. Then it’ll glitch down to the waist.

If you need anymore information to help further the investigation of the bug, please let me know.

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It seems like they’ve attempted to fix it, but now it’s attached to one of the shoulders/arms?


Yeah, I just noticed they somewhat fixed it. It’s on the shoulders, but like you said it is still attached to only one arm. It looks like it’s the left arm.